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Tie Tale

It’s Friday the Thirteenth! Stay in your room!

Years ago, when Rush Limbaugh was on tv, my dad ordered some Rush Limbaugh ties. I have several of them in my collection now. I wore one yesterday, and to my surprise, found out it was Rush Limbaugh’s birthday. What are the chances?

I got lots of comments on it, because it’s so brightly colored. I told a couple of classes where the tie was from, and was a little surprised to find out that none of the kids knew who he was. I suppose I shouldn’t have been that surprised. His tv show’s last season was in 1996, and his last regular radio show was ten years ago.

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  1. Lauren

    I forgot that today was the 13th! (Yesterday was nutty enough to be That Day.)

    That tie is bright enough to be a holiday tie! All the colors of a festival! (Love the cross, too.)

    Happy Friday! Don’t take any chances! Ooooooo…….Aaaaaaaaa….. stay in your room tonight!

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