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New Box, Old Light

There was an electrician at my house yesterday. Hooray! It has taken me so long to get it arranged. It was back at the beginning of December that I got notice from the electric company about where to put my new breaker box. Then Christmas happened. Things have finally settled down enough for me to get back to house stuff.

The electrician is going to do several things for me, but the biggest thing on the list is the breaker box. He put the new box on the wall, but won’t connect it until next week.

One of the smaller things on the list was my pool light. He fixed it! It’s so beautiful!


  1. Lauren

    Wow! That pool light is lovely! Did he have to siphon water out to get to it or is there a hatch from the top?

    • Brad

      As it turns out, it was the switch that was broken. He put a new one on, and the light works! I should have taken a picture of the switch. He used one that has a light built into it so you can see it at night. Nice!

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