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Grocery Game – LA Edition

I stopped at the grocery store yesterday. The total was $93. It seemed like such a small amount of stuff, it made me think I should take a picture and do a post like I did when I was in Maui. I went looking for one and found it HERE. And coincidentally, the total for those things was almost the same – $92. Neat!

Here’s the Maui picture:

And here’s the haul from yesterday:

And the itemized list for LA:
Candy bar (for the drive home) $1.80
3 coffees $21
Balsamic vinegar $5
Rice wine vinegar $5.30
Box of sandwich bags $11
Milk $5
2 boxes of butter $16
Pistachios $10
5 apples $4.50
Blueberry goat cheese $5
Havarti with dill $8
tax $1

Comparing the two lists, I see that coffee is more expensive in LA, but milk is cheaper. And tax is way less. Interesting.

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  1. Lauren

    Zoinks! That is pricey butter. Actually, it’s all so pricey. What do you think about turning your yard into a small farm? I’m sure the cows would enjoy the pool.

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