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Another Flower Post

I didn’t have school yesterday. We had the day off for Lincoln’s birthday. We also have Monday off, so it’s a four day weekend. I decided I would have a Day of Nothing. It was AWESOME!

I stayed in bed late, I watched tv, I played my phone game. I even got a little bored. Wow!

In my boredom, I did a little touch-up and cleanup in my hallway bathroom. While I was in there, I saw an impulse buy that I never posted about: a new orchid!

I almost didn’t buy it because I have so little window space, and I don’t want to fill it up too quickly. But this orchid was so unusual. It has mottled leaves. And the flowers are so interesting… subtle colors. Beautiful!

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  1. Lauren

    The composition and lighting on that photo are great!

    Enjoy your long weekend! 🙂

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