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Movie and Music

We had a half day of school yesterday. We were supposed to have our jogathon fundraiser, but it got rained out. There was a school dance last night, so when school was out, I left pretty quickly.

A student of mine told me about a movie called The Jesus Revolution, so I went to see it. I had movie food for lunch. Mmm…

The movie was good. It was about a kind of Christianity I have little experience with. I want to know more.

The school dance went well. The kids had fun. I even danced a little.


  1. Lauren

    Mmmm….. pretzel bites……

    I’d like to see that movie, but it turns out that I need to see almost everything on my television so I can read it.

    Was it a 50s themed dance or are some of those kids just incredibly cool?

    • Brad

      The theme of the dance was Old Hollywood. It was fun to see all the different ways the kids dressed.

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