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Metals Must Match

In my hallway bathroom, the knobs on the cabinets were all different – three different cabinets, three different knobs. And none of the knobs were oil-rubbed bronze, which is what the shower hardware is. Yikes! I can’t have brushed nickel with oil-rubbed bronze. In my bathrooms, metals must match.

Yesterday, I replaced the knobs. Here are the before and after shots:

The screw for the knob was too long for the wall cabinet. I went to Lowe’s and got a replacement, but I didn’t get it on until late at night, so I didn’t take a final “after” picture of that…

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  1. Lauren

    Ha! I really liked the last photo – it was such a surprise! I thought you might just leave it like that. “Metals must match…..or else no metal….” Such a tyrant! 😀

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