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Feline Photos

I got more cat pictures from the breeder! Woo hoo! As expected, he’s lost a little of his striping, but he has developed some face patterns. And green eyes. He’s so cute 🙂


  1. Lauren

    Awww…. a little hairless angel……. :). Any closer to a name?

  2. Carol

    In the third snap he reminds me of a potential character from the Star Trek franchise. Must e the darker wrinkly forehead. Otherwise – indeed a cutie.

    All kitties make my eyes leak a bit; our 9+-year-old all black, Binx, left this realm suddenly Tuesday morning. We are both still in a bit of disbelief that we’ll not hear or see him any more, but if I’m honest I am enjoying being allowed to awaken with the sun and get 7+ consecutive hours of sleep again. RIP, Binx…

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