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Interesting Times

Yesterday was an adventure. I got up at 3am to head to the airport. My connection in Denver was a quick one, and I’d be to Lincoln by noon – plenty of time to get to the wedding.

But then there was a delay. And another delay. It was soon apparent that I was going to miss the wedding. But then I noticed someone who looked familiar at my same gate:

It was my friend Marie’s mom. Her dad was there too. They were in their way back from Hawaii, where they had been visiting Marie and Dave, and they were on my same flight! Ha! How crazy is that?

We sat and talked for a while, then headed down to the new gate number we were assigned.

After much waiting, we were on our way again. I texted my Seward peeps to tell them I’d be there for the reception. I sent them a “last picture” they could use at the funeral if I crashed. Perhaps this could be one of my funeral pictures no matter how I die. Friends, take note:

I did finally make it to the reception. It was fun to see everyone, but I was a little shell-shocked. It was a long day. And it’s weird jumping from one context to another. But the food was delicious and the speeches were funny. It was a great time.

After the dancing began, we siblings found ourselves all outside at the same time. We took the opportunity to take a sibling picture:

I’m not heading back to LA yet today. Tara is having a graduation party this evening, so I changed my return ticket to tomorrow morning.


  1. Lauren

    You made it, and now it’s a great story! How funny that you saw the Obermullers, and hey – you made it to see your family! All’s well that ends well!

  2. Carol

    Thank you for the spewed-coffee-out-ma’-nose laugh at your panicked face on that airplane. You know I’d never want “that” to happen to you, but no, if it ever does, I’ll have that image burned into my head.

    How interesting to have met up with the not-Wilwebbers (I can’t recall Marie’s last name right now) on your flight. Feels like a God things to me.

    Much celebrating this weekend – glad you were able to be part of at least some of that. Yea!

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