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Scrumptious Stew

I was craving beef stew, so I made some. I was worried that I didn’t start it soon enough in the day and that the beef would be chewy. It wasn’t. It was tender and delicious. Mmm…

I did go a little overboard though. Heh.

I think this will freeze well. I’ll have delicious stew any time I want!


  1. Lauren

    That looks AMAZING! I am sitting down to coffee, grits and yogurt but I want to eat a big bowl of that stew now. Mmmmmmmm……..

  2. Beth


    Just yesterday I commented on a Facebook post that asked the question, “what meal traumatized you as a kid?”

    This was my answer:
    Beef Stew. On Christmas Eve, we would come home from church, and we had to eat beef stew before we could go see what Santa brought us. It was always a total downer.
    I can eat it, but to this day, I never choose it.

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