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Sweets and Treats

A couple of weeks ago, my next-door neighbors left a note on my door. They were doing something with AT&T, and needed to go into my back yard where the utility pole is. They left their phone number, so I called them and chatted a little.

Yesterday I made some chocolate chip cookies, so I took them some. It was nice to meet them in person. They have a really chill cat named Charm. It was nice to meet her too.

And then they gave me some oranges from their sister’s orange tree. They are soo good! Juicy and flavorful!


  1. Carol

    Good neighbors are a real blessing. We’ve lived in our house long enough to have experienced all kinds and are very grateful for the couple across the street (also in our age group) in particular. We’ve never swapped baked goods, though. Heck, it’s peach cake season again here – maybe I’ll pick some up and share it with them now. You’ve inspired me!

  2. Lauren

    That’s so cool! I am in awe of your neighborliness!

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