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A Cat Day

For my first day back home, I didn’t do very much. I was taking it easy on my foot, and taking it easy on my jet lagged self.

I sat a lot with Bruno. Well, actually, he sat with me. I was on the couch and he hardly left me alone all day. I even went into the bedroom and shut the door at one point so I could get a break from him. I love how needy he is 🙂

But mostly my time with him was great. His stripes haven’t disappeared. I think he might keep some of them into adulthood:

And check out his tail. The end of hit has fur on it. Cool!

He mostly wants to always sit on my chest.

When I can’t take that any more, I have him sit on the couch and he lays his head on my leg. That’s plenty comfortable for him, and he sleeps well:

Until I take a picture of him and he has to sit up to see what I’m doing:

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  1. Lauren

    Oh, that derpy tongue. He’s so glad you’re home! When school starts, you’re going to need to stuff one of your shirts and leave it on the couch for him. 🙂

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