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Falafel Festival

One of my new co-workers attends an Antiochian Orthodox church. Her church had a falafel festival yesterday! Woo !

It wasn’t as big as the Greek festival from last weekend, but it was still fun. There was delicious food. I didn’t end up getting any falafel, but I did get some shawarma. Mmm…

My co-worker wasn’t there, but I did mention her name to a few people. One of them pointed out her dad. He was wearing a fez! Awesome! I tried to catch him to say hi, but he had gone into a back room or something.

The church building used to be a Lutheran church, but was bought and converted in the fifties. It had many beautiful icons. I want to visit sometime, but I’m always so busy at my own church. One of the church members suggested I attend Vespers on a Saturday night. Maybe I will – that sounds interesting.

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  1. Lauren

    Well, I just went down a rabbit hole trying to find that church online. It’s fascinating – the rugs and chairs in the sanctuary are so interesting. Do they sing at services? (I’m thinking about the sound.) You’ll definitely have to attend a service and report back.

    All these festivals are making me hungry!

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