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Porch Plants

I got some front porch pots a few days ago. I’ve been trying them in various positions to see what my favorite is. I finally got them just right, so I decided to put some plants in them.

I left the fiddle-leaf fig (the tall one) and the sanseveria (the spiky one) outside over the winter, and they survived, even with colder-than-usual temperatures, so I think they’ll be fine as outside plants.

I got the third plant (a schefflera triangularis) about a month ago. I kept it in its tiny pot, and have been worried about it drying out or suddenly dying. Now it has plenty of soil to spread its roots out. I can’t wait to see what it looks like as it grows bigger!

I think the whole arrangement looks like something you see at a mall, and I take perverse pleasure in that.

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  1. Lauren

    Well, if it reminds you of a mall arrangement, then this is the perfect corner full of things you love!

    I love it! Keep us updated on its growth, ok?

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