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Producing a Plan

I haven’t found my rhythm at school yet. I keep having times where I say: “Dang it! I’m not done with that thing!” And then I think: “Well, I could have done it two days ago”

I just have to figure out what I do on Mondays, and what I do on Tuesdays, etc.

In the meantime, I’ve got a LOT of sticky notes with lists, and things are stacked pretty deeply on my desk. I should get it figured out… in a little while…


  1. Lauren

    Yeah, that is understandable. I have a corner on my counter that wasn’t going to become a big pile. I was going to go through the contents at the end of each day and deal with them. That lasted two days. It’s finding that dang groove……. (You are doing several jobs, though.)

  2. Carol

    Well, if nothing else, you clearly understand the bigger picture; i.e., living is Christ and dying is gain. Please do not die unless absolutely necessary, though!

    Hang in there – year two ought to have a rhythm soon. You can do this!

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