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Bruno has reached an age where he’s testing boundaries. He’s jumping up on all kinds of things he’s not supposed to – the kitchen counter, the dining table, the sink…

I have some sheets of plastic that have a spiky side, and they keep him off of things, but I don’t have enough to put on every horizontal surface, so I’m supplementing with aluminum foil.

Bruno sprung my trap:

I hope he grows out of this soon. Keeping these things scattered all over the house is bothersome. It’s hard to put junk on my horizontal surfaces when they’re covered with spiky plastic.


  1. Lauren

    Yeah, I wish you well in this endeavor. I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. Maybe your house needs some of those wall-mounted climbers so he can jump and climb on those instead. Look at me – devaluing your house from afar…..

  2. Rachel S

    I know this is a day late, but did you notice that Bruno’s tail is almost exactly one tile length long? Assuming they are 1′ tiles, Bruno’s tail is approximately 1 foot long. You could use it as a short tape measure… if he would let you.

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