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Scentimental Saturday

I slept until almost 8am yesterday! Wow! So late! It felt really good.

After a little couch time, I went out for a diner breakfast. Mmm… Then I did various shopping stops. It seems like I go to my favorite garden center almost every weekend. This time, it was because they sent me an email saying poinsettias had arrived. I didn’t get any poinsettias, but I did have a great time looking at things. And even more exciting was the fact that the magnolia tree next to the entrance was blooming!

I surely have posted about this before, but I love the scent of magnolia blossoms. I honestly don’t know if it’s because I actually like the scent, or if it’s because it reminds me of happy times in my my childhood… smelling the wonderful magnolia trees in the front yard of the daycare center house next to my school. My mom was working there, trying to make more money for our family, but I was just having a great time hanging out with other kids.

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  1. Lauren

    Well, that sounds like a fabulous Saturday! (Your title is off-the-charts funny, by the way.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen or smelled a Magnolia tree, so thank you for showing one!

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