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Planter Progress

I had a delightful day off. I was lazy in the morning, then went out to the flower bed in the front of my house. I planted the roses!

In the areas between the middle rose and the outside ones, I planted freesia bulbs. I LOVE the smell of freesias. I tried growing them in Baltimore, but winters are too cold and summers are too hot. It was too warm in Hawaii too. But guess which region’s climate is just right to grow freesias? That’s right! This one!

I planted non-hybridized heirloom freesias. My research says they are the most fragrant freesias out there. Woo! Here’s a picture from the website of the company I bought them from:

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  1. Lauren

    Now THAT is a perfect way to spend a day off. Delightful! Now, enjoy your Saturday, too. 🙂

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