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Seeing Sights

The Las Vegas visit was fun. We started with breakfast at a diner. Look what they had on their wall. Nebraska? Ha!

Iday wanted to buy some t-shirts, so we went to the world’s largest gift shop. I know, right? The largest? I couldn’t believe it! Right there in front of us? We totally had to go.

It was pretty big. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that there might be a bigger gift shop somewhere in the world. It sounds like a Quest!

After having lunch at a Filipino restaurant, we started heading back to drop Iday off at her friend’s house, when we saw a garden center. We stopped! Woo hoo!

We dropped Iday off at her friend’s, and headed back to California. Not far outside of Las Vegas is a solar farm of some kind.

I read about it online. Mirrors on the ground focus the sun on the central tower and vaporize water to turn turbines. The internet also said that, unfortunately, birds who fly through the light beams also get vaporized.

A little farther down the road, we stopped at this amazing place:

It was full of candy!

I admired a lot of things, but ultimately settled on Boston baked beans. Do people generally know what Boston baked beans are, or are they an obscure item? They’re candied peanuts. I didn’t take a picture of them because I was too busy eating them.

We got back to Torrance at about 7pm. Enough time to relax on the couch a little before bed.


  1. Carol

    Now I wanna go to Vegas…..just to see Eddie’s World, if nothing else.

    Glad you’re having some fun down time now that classes are over. Keep up the good non-work!

  2. Lauren

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    Terrible post…….
    Great post!

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