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Antiques and Outback

I went to an antique/rummage sale yesterday morning. It was in the middle of nowhere on a farm. The drive out there was delightful!

Apparently, several vendors get together a few times a year, and show their stuff.

It was so fun to look at everything! It was surprisingly cheap. I did get a couple of things though. There was a candy dish(?) sauce dish(?) caviar dish (?) on the dollar table. Actually, it was the 10 items for a dollar. We only found six things to buy, so that means I paid about 17 cents for it. I love it! I looked it up on the internet. It’s leaded crystal and gilded brass.

I also got what looks to be one of a pair of altar candle sticks. There was only one, but I got it anyway. It’s so cool. The picture below makes it look really tall. It’s about 18 inches.

In the evening, I went to dinner with Mom and Jo and Ed. Outback. Mmm… steak…


  1. Lauren

    How fun! Is this the Junk Jaunt or some other clever name?

    • Beth

      Gatherings on the Blue. You can find it on Facebook. 🙂

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