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Corn on the Cob

I had some Nebraska sweet corn last night. Oh… My… Gosh… It was so good!

My mom had a gathering at her place, and we had some other food too, but the sweet corn was so sweet! Wow!

Other than that, I had an adventure with Beth in the morning to get a new sink for my mom’s bar area, and then I slept. I have slept a LOT since I’ve been here. It makes me feel like I’m sick or something, but I think what’s really happening is that I’m relaxing into my vacation time. Yay for rest!


  1. Carol

    As much as you do during the school year, I’ve no doubt you have been sleep deprived for a while now. Enjoy the naps now and congratulations on being able to really relax at last!

  2. Lauren

    Mmmm….. delicious!

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