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Friend and Fiction

After going to church and singing a LOT (yay!), I had brunch with Harold and Beth, then headed to Lincoln to hang out with Samith.

We did a bunch of things, and one of them was going to Barnes and Noble. I had previously stumbled across a comment thread on the internet where people were listing current Science Fiction books they liked. Iain Banks topped the list. I looked for his books while we were at B&N. There was a thick book and a thin book. Covid lockdowns robbed me of my ability to read book (stupid phone!), so I grabbed the thin book. As an added bonus, it’s a collection of short stories! Yay!

Now the real test will be whether I get through it or not. You can do it, Brad!

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  1. Lauren

    Go, Brad! You can do it! I’d like to get back into reading, too. I think our brains would thank us. Lloyd got a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and I started to read it on our drive to Missouri, and there were several clever parts I read out loud to him. When it was my turn to drive we turned on an audiobook of it. It felt like cheating, but it was still fun.

    I am so happy you had a day with Samith! He’s one of the world’s best people. 🙂

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