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Mite Monday

I was over at Beth’s house yesterday morning, and she asked for help treating her bees for mites. She has a device that connects to a car battery and heats up oxalic acid powder and vaporizes it. You put that thing under the hive, and the vapor rises up and kills the mites, but not the bees. Nice!

Beth is holding the heater thingy in the foreground of this picture:

Beth held a blanket over the front door of the hives while I stuck the heater thingy under the hives. It worked pretty well. No one got stung 🙂

I always like being at the back of Beth’s yard because her neighbor has such pretty lilies. She had a particularly big and beautiful lily yesterday:

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  1. Lauren

    Thank you, bee doctors, for the service you provide to the pollinators.

    Cheryl’s flowers are gorgeous! I am so glad you appreciate them. 🙂

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