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Glorious Gardening

I worked in the garden yesterday! It’s been so long! The more I worked, the stronger I got. I think I must draw power from the earth!

My goal was to get the trees and the goldenrod out of the front garden. Elm trees grow like weeds, and are so difficult to get out. Golden rod is native, but is an aggressive grower, and looks kind of weedy. I got it all out!

The goldenrod has interesting/scary running roots and growth nodes:

And here’s the before and after:

There is a tree in the back left corner of the plot (and in the middle of the above picture) that I couldn’t get out. It has grown too powerful for me to destroy with a mere shovel.

I was excited to see the elderberry I planted has grown so big. I planted it back in 2007.

I was also pleased to see some hostas and coneflowers that were revealed by the removal of the goldenrod. I planted them in different years, the hostas being the more recent additions. I’m hoping the extra space will help them flourish.

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  1. Lauren

    You are truly a force of nature, pun intended. 😉 Thank you so much for being amazing with plants! It looks wonderful!

    I’ve seen a couple of things regarding connecting people to the earth (physically), and I’m curious if you’d be even more powerful if you went barefoot….

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