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Rooster Restaurant

My Aunt Linda and Uncle Paul invited me and my mom for dinner last night. We met them in a town called Ceresco. It’s famous for commercials of a furniture store called Ernie’s of Ceresco. We did indeed drive past Ernie’s, but we ate at a place called The Legendary Red Rooster restaurant and lounge.

It was good food. I had a French dip sandwich. And a salad with Dorothy Lynch salad dressing on it – something that’s always on my list to eat when I’m here.

It was great to see Paul and Linda. We chatted and got all caught up.

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  1. Lauren

    It’s so nice that you have a bunch of family here. It’s almost like one-stop shopping! I forgot to tell you to tell Paul and Linda ‘hi’ from me. Rats.

    I am very curious about that restaurant – is it truly legendary? (I ask because the sign looks new….)

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