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Goodbye, Ken

I’ve really gone a long time between haircuts this time. It’s because Ken, my regular haircut guy, has moved to a new location. He’s gone from the Hair Cuttery to Bubbles. It’s in the same mall, but costs twice as much. I really liked the haircuts Ken gave me, but not enough to pay $25 for them. Goodbye, Ken.

Yesterday I got Denis to cut my hair. He’s pretty good with a clippers. And I don’t have to pay him $25. He did eat a cheese roll though.

The Max is for scale.

The cheese roll is for eating.

Cutting Rosebushes, Hair

Yesterday morning I decided to get rid of the roses that fence in my back yard. They’re stunning for two or three weeks in the spring, then look like scraggly dead sticks the rest of the year. Besides that, I dug the pond so close to them that it made it hard to get to the electric meter, and if there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s an angry electric meter reader.

Cutting the rose buses out went pretty well. I bundled the clippings as I went so the stupid people at the dump wouldn’t turn me away. Digging up the roots was hard work, but not as hard as I thought. Now I just have to figure out what to replace them with. I’m thinking Upright Yews.

Messy tangle.

Now what?

Getting into the dump was not easy. The first time I went, I was turned away and told to come back in an hour. (That happens every other time I go.) When I came back, there was a huge line filled with people who had been told to come back in an hour. Fortunately, I was able to get rid of the rose clippings anyway.

Another maddening experience.

I celebrated my victory with a haircut. I left the top a little longer this time. But I don't think I'll be growing it crazy-long again.
A little length.

Front and Back

I spent most of the day at school yesterday, even though we were off. I wanted to make seating charts for all my classes because the kids seem to settle in better when they aren’t allowed to sit wherever they want.

But before I could make new seating charts, I had to shuffle the furniture a little. Handbells and choir will be taught in my classroom during my afternoon free period, and I had to figure out how to make space for a piano. After trying several arrangements, I finally got it: I would turn the student desks around and make the back of my room the new front. It would work because I have chalkboards on either wall. But once I moved the student desks, I had to move the aquarium. Then I had to move my desk. Then I needed a small bookshelf. Then I needed to move my TV. Then I needed to move the bell equipment…

I never finished the seating arrangements.

Back is the new front.

Those yellow things are the eighth graders' feet.

I celebrated my accomplishments with a haircut.

I'm a little bleary-eyed because its past my bedtime.

That almost looks like a smiley face in the back of my head.

Peggle Grand Master

My “Game of the Summer” this year has been a PC game called Peggle. You can play a free version of it HERE. I paid for the expanded version that has lots of levels and more special powers. It was not wasted money. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

It didn’t take too long to be granted the title of Peggle Master. Next I faced the challenges involved to earn the rank of Peggle Grand Master. I methodically conquered each of the challenges. Some took longer than others. But then I reached a most difficult task: score 750,000 on a single level. I’ve been trying to accomplish it for about a month. Tuesday I finally got it. In fact, I got 810,650. Ironically enough, it was with the help of a rabbit.

Knowing that the last challenge would be easy and that yesterday I would become a Grand Master, I got a haircut. I wanted to look good for my Peggle Grand Master portrait.

Refield the Pumpkin is my favorite, but I couldn't have done it without Warren the Rabbit.

You may call me Grand Master.

Some Errands

Yesterday I went out to do some errands because after today, I’ll be staying in for a few days and bonding with Max.

I started by taking the cash out of my “cat box” and taking it to the bank. I’ve been saving for Max since Ned died. When the bank guy counted it, he came up with twenty more dollars than me. Oops!

Only $55 short of my goal.

Next, I went to get a haircut. It was nice to have Ken do it again. He cuts and cuts, then cuts again. His buzz cuts are flawless.

Ken never leaves corners.

Lastly, I went to get Max supplies. Carole from Destyny Sphynx recommended a new kind of litter box to me. It’s a tub with a hole in the top. She says it’s the cleanest box she’s used. I had to get one. I also had to get food. After fretting for a while about which brand, I chose Nutro Natural Choice. I also got several other sundry items.

I hope Max likes catnip.  Ned didn't.

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