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Light Lunch

I don’t know what to eat for lunch at school anymore. I’ve been eating sandwiches. I liked that they were quick to make and quick to eat. But I’m tired of them. We have a snack time, and I’ve always brought peanuts for that. Yesterday I just ate more peanuts for lunch.

After school I was really low on energy though. And hungry. I was craving sushi, so I went to the conveyor belt sushi place – Genki Sushi. It’s not the fanciest sushi place, but I like it. I had a lot of salmon sushi, then some stuffed mushroom caps, then some more salmon. I was full when I was done.

Friday Food

Yesterday the preschoolers had a Thanksgiving celebration. They had too much food, and sent an extra plate to me. It was full of local favorites:

Clockwise from the top: a potato wedge, Spam musubi, fried chicken, chicken katsu with barbecue sauce, and dry saimin noodles

I ate about half of it. I normally have only a little bit of food for lunch. It was delicious and filling. Thank you, preschool! Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Something Green

I had Bible study on Tuesday night. There was going to be spaghetti. I stopped at the store to get a salad. I didn’t have much time, so I was going to get a salad kit in the bagged salad area. But when I walked past the deli area, I saw a whole bunch of already-assembled salads. Nice!

I got a caesar salad, because that goes with spaghetti, right? But when I got to Bible study, there was already a salad. D’oh! I should have texted to see what was needed. Fortunately, I had impulse-bought some cookies. Yay, dessert!

I had taken the salad back home with me, and I ate some last night. It was so nice to eat something green. I should do it more often…

It looks small in this picture. It’s big enough for several servings.

Sorry for two food posts in a row.


It was a long day yesterday. I was grumpy, the kids were rowdy. And I dearly love going to Bible study, but it gets me home late. I needed a tall cold drink to relax before bed:

Mmm… I love chocolate milk!

Dinner Decision

Recently, when I was at the grocery store, I saw an endcap display for frozen dinners. I got a couple on impulse. They were delicious.

The next time I went shopping, I got a bunch of them.

I like them. They are less unhealthy than a lot of the stuff I eat at night, and they make a relatively cheap meal. I used to get these kind of regularly. I’m not sure why I stopped. I think I’ll be getting them regularly again.

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