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Aged Artichoke

I buy artichokes with some regularity. I boil them, then pull their leaves off one-by-one and dip them in butter. I like plump, heavy artichokes. If they’re all dried out, I don’t get them.

Sunday I bought a nice artichoke. Then I forgot it at the bottom of the refrigerator. Last night, even though it was dried out, I decided to cook and eat it.

It was ok. Eating the leaves was not quite as good as a fresh artichoke. The heart was good though. I cut that up in chunks and dropped it in the butter dish. Mmm…

Sugar Snack

I eat a lot less sugar than I used to. My one remaining big consumption of sugar is cinnamon-sugar toast. I had to mix some new cinnamon-sugar yesterday, then wondered about how long it took me to eat this jar-full of sugar.

This jar used to be a snowman. I think it originally had hot chocolate mix in it.

I’m leaving a note here in my memory archives so that I can tell how long it took.

Supper Salad

Yesterday was my usual day of grading.

After grading, I stopped at the grocery store. I got my usual staples, but I was also hungry for dinner. I got BLT ingredients, but as I was walking past the deli, I saw all the prepared foods and decided to look.

I got a salad! Yay! I ate something healthy!

And then I ate a bunch of jellybeans. Oh, well. Something is better than nothing, right?

Pizza Pointers

First of all, I have to say Happy Birthday to Beth! Woo hoo! A birthday on the weekend! So exciting! And now, back to our regularly scheduled post:

Here is Brad’s Guide to Cooking Frozen Pizza:

  1. Put extra cheese on it. Parmesan is my favorite.
  2. Cook it for longer than the box says. It will look bad, but taste good.
  3. Use the box as a platter for when the pizza is done. You can cut on it, and when you’re done, you can just throw it away.
It looks burnt, but it really did taste good.

More Milk

I have been regularly buying non-skim milk at the grocery store. Milk with fat in it is so silky and luxurious. I don’t have a favorite fat percentage. Usually I just choose whatever has the latest “best by” date on it.

Last weekend, I got skim milk. Maybe I was thinking about calories or something. It was a mistake. Both gallons were sour-tasting. I kept thinking maybe it was just my imagination, but the more I tried drinking it, the grosser it got. Dang.

I stopped by ABC store yesterday to get some whole milk. It is sweet and delicious. And it was $7. Ack!

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