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Cereal Candy Bar

When I was checking out at the grocery store by my house, I saw a candy bar that I’ve never seen before – a Fruity Pebbles candy bar!

Of course I had to get one to taste.

It was delicious! Every once in a while, I taste cereal again, and it is so, so good. I haven’t eaten it for breakfast (or any other time) in years now. But when I get these little tastes, it’s yummy.

But then I pay for it – my stomach burns with acid, or I feel gross. In this case, it was both. I ate half the candy bar, thinking I’d eat the other part later. I didn’t. I threw it out. It was a fun experiment though.

Floor Food

One of the kids in my classroom dropped a Slim Jim on the floor and left it there. I picked it up and put it on my desk, where it sat for a week and a half. I ate it yesterday.

I hadn’t had a Slim Jim for a looooong time, so I decided to eat it. It wasn’t as good as I was expecting. Was it just that I don’t remember what they tasted like? Or has the taste changed? Whatever the case, I don’t think I will be eating any Slim Jims off the floor again for a while…

And So It Begins…

A younger-grades student had a birthday on Tuesday, and stopped by my classroom to share a cupcake with me. Yay! I love saying Happy Birthday to people!

The cupcake was blue! So cool!

I set the cupcake aside for later, and then promptly forgot it about it. I lost out on a chance to eat sugar, but gained something exciting in return: the first cupcake for the Permanent Collection in my classroom. Woo hoo!

Pastries and Purple

There is a grocery store that is so close to my house I could walk to it. It’s so interesting to shop there, because it has a bunch of things I’ve never seen before, and is missing a bunch of things I have actually looked for.

One of the surprises was the fact that it had concha pastries:

I wrote about these when I was in Maui, because my trainer there likes them. I of course had to text her a picture of them. She liked it. Then she sent me a picture of a sunrise. We were always admiring those together when I was there.

A Game and Dinner

There was a soccer game after school yesterday. Our team is inexperienced because covid has prevented any kind of sports for a long time. It was still fun to watch. They played with sincerity and zeal.

I was tired on my way home. And hungry. I stopped at the grocery store and shopped hungry. I bought a bunch of junk food. On the top of my wish list was tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce. Mmmm…

And I got them!

It was an excellent dinner.

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