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Imaginary Jelly Beans

A long time ago, I had Welch’s brand jelly beans. Like the same brand name as jelly. I remembered them being the most amazing jelly beans I had ever tasted.

And then I never saw them again. Every Easter I would look on the candy shelves. No Welch’s. Had I imagined it? Is there really no such thing as Welch’s jelly beans?

Then yesterday, I stopped at Walgreen’s for milk because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store, and what did I see?

Welch’s jelly beans! There was only one bag left, so I snapped it up.

They were good, but not as good as I remember. There is a saying that goes: “Never meet your heroes”. Does that apply to jelly beans?

Expectation vs Reality

Happy Birthday to my niece Tara! Woo hoo!

Yesterday I was in south Kihei and saw a sign that said “Cinnamon Roll Place” – it was actually the name of the store. Heh.

I am constantly disappointed by cinnamon rolls. They smell so good, but then when I eat them, they aren’t as good as I expect them to be. But I was hungry, and I do like how I imagine cinnamon rolls should taste, so I decided to get one.

It did not disappoint me. It was good! This is definitely a place I will add to my list of regular places to visit. Mmm…

A Custom Method

I was out of hard boiled eggs, so I made some more last night. I eat one every morning for breakfast. And sometimes at night for a snack.

The internet says to put eggs in cold water, then bring to a boil, then take off the heat and let sit for twelve minutes. I used to do it by the book every time, but one time I ended up with soft boiled eggs. Gross.

So now I over cook my eggs. I set them to boil, then let it boil a while, then turn off the stove and let them sit in the hot water until I remember that I left them there. Usually the water is cool by then. Now they are NEVER under cooked.

And to be honest, I don’t see what’s wrong with overcooked eggs. They taste and look fine to me. Is it supposed to be a texture thing or something? I don’t get it.

Unwilling Participant

Beware the Ides of March! (especially if your name is Caesar)

After church yesterday, I worked at school for a little while. When I was done, I stopped by Home Depot to get some washers for the sink in my classroom. The faucet is loose, and I think if I put more washers under the tightening nut, it will hold still better.

I was hungry, so I stopped at the salad place across from Target. I ate something kind of healthy for lunch! Yay!

I sat outside, but it wasn’t an entirely pleasant experience. I had to listen to one half of a phone conversation as a woman talked very loudly from her open car window. Much of the conversation was in poor taste. She spoke frequently of urination for some reason. She spoke of urinating in a kayak while she sat in it, taking pictures of her friend urinating on a rock…

I wish I could have turned off my ears. Maybe someday when my hearing loss is worse, I’ll just be able to switch off my hearing aids…


Last time I was at the grocery store, I got graham crackers. They didn’t have the regular kind, so I got the cinnamon kind. I was looking at the box yesterday, and I noticed what it said about the cinnamon:

Made with real cinnamon? Is there such thing as fake cinnamon? Isn’t calling something cinnamon flavored “made with real cinnamon” the same thing as saying “This bread was made with real flour”?

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