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Peanut Butter Sandwich

My trainer has been telling me about Ezekiel bread for a long time. I don’t think I ever tried it in Maui. Or maybe I did, but I didn’t like it, so I never posted about it? It’s a healthier kind of bread, that’s supposed to be more nutritious. She also suggested no-sugar-added peanut butter, which I think is kind of flavorless and gross.

But when I was looking in the grocery store recently, I saw cinnamon-raisin Ezekiel bread. Raisins are sweet! Put that together with the no-sugar peanut butter, and it actually works! I’ve been eating it for lunch for the past three weeks or so. I’m so healthy!

…except for the four handfuls of M&Ms I eat every day. But maybe when the M&Ms run out I’ll be healthy?

Teacher Treats

My school is doing teacher appreciation week, and Tuesday was “bring a treat” day. I got many delicious treats, which I am doing my best to eat instead my regular lunches.

Someone brought homemade baklava for the after-school care staff, but only one of them likes baklava. She ate some, then packed some for home, then asked me if I like baklava. Yes! Yes I do like baklava!

Mmm… it was so good….

Yesterday was “write a nice note” day. It was definitely my favorite out of all the days.

Something Completely Different

Last night I had another meeting. It was a long one. I got home at 8pm. I was really hungry, but craving something fresh, because it’s Teacher Appreciation Week at school, and I’ve been eating a LOT of junk. I had salad ingredients! Woo hoo! And Dorothy Lynch salad dressing. Yum!

…and then I ate a bunch of Nilla Wafers…. hehe

Comfort Food

It was a long day yesterday, so on my way home I stopped at the grocery store for some comfort food. I didn’t really know what I would get. As it turns out, this is my comfort food:

Ham and Nilla Wafers. I felt better after I ate and sat on the couch for a while.

Tic Tac Trial

When I was in the checkout line, I noticed a new flavor of Tic Tac: Strawberry and Cream. I was curious so I got some:

First of all, I think the name should be “Strawberries and Cream”. I had to go back and change the first paragraph of my post after I uploaded the picture.

Second of all, they taste ok. All Tic Tacs are mildly disappointing to me. I like orange, until I get to the middle and it tastes different. I really like the white ones, until they start tasting minty.

These new ones follow the pattern. I like them at first, but then not as much. The two different colors actually taste different. I like the lighter color ones better. The darker ones get a sharp flavor as you go along. The lighter ones are mild all the way through.

I will finish this box, but I won’t get any more.

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