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Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed: Day One

I started my murphy bed Project yesterday.The kit I got from Create-A-Bed has very detailed instructions. At first I was really nervous about all the details, but then I was really glad. They also include a DVD that shows somebody actually doing the stuff the instructions say. I was REALLY glad about that. I think I’m actually going to be able to do this.

To start, you have to get the wood. Most of the pieces you need come from plywood you cut yourself. The plywood required for this is fancy stuff. It was $45 per sheet! Ack! But I’ll be glad when I have a sturdy bed. The instructions show how you should cut the wood:
It's like a puzzle!

What I couldn’t figure out is how to cut long straight lines. I asked a former student of mine who is currently in my handbell group. He and a friend have been doing home renovation stuff on the side and really have a knack for it. His suggestion was to clamp a piece of wood to the plywood as a guide for my circular saw. Capital idea, Tim! Thanks!
This involved lots and LOTS of measuring.  I still messed up one cut and had to re-do it.

The DVD shows the bed being built on a gigantic table. I don’t have a gigantic table, but I do just so happen to have two folding banquet tables that I’ve been using for Bible study. I took them out on the front porch and cut all my wood on them. They were perfect! I could saw plywood into pieces, and the blade passed harmlessly between the tables.
There was sawdust EVERYWHERE!

By the time it was getting dark, I had all my long cuts done. I still have to shorten almost all of these boards, but that will be quick work. The instructions have them all labelled with letters from the alphabet. I’ve used tape labels to keep them sorted.
The weather was GORGEOUS yesterday.

According to the instructions, the first thing I build doesn’t actually use these boards at all. I will use pre-cut boards to make the slat assemblage that the mattress rests on. I’m nervous because measurement seems so important, and I’m scared I’ll make a mistake, but if the DVD guy can do it, so can I!

Spring Break Plans

Since I have been thinking about it from the first time I saw these kits, and since I’ll be having family visit in June, I’ve finally decided to do it: I’m going to build a murphy bed. The kit came last week. I got it from the Create-A-Bed company. The kit is kind of pricey for just some pistons and clips and bolts, but it’s way cheaper than buying a constructed bed. And in the end, I’m not paying for just the components – I’m gladly paying their price because they’ve assembled all the ingredients for me and given me detailed instructions about how to build the bed correctly.

I’ve only given the instructions a quick lookthrough. They look very detailed. I don’t have very good focus skills or attention span lately. But spring break is the week after Easter. After a little rest this weekend, I should have mental faculties equal to the task. I’m so excited!

I like the note: Do NOT deviate from these plans.  Who would do that?  I mean, besides Lauren.

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