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Hanging Hardware

I got bathroom hardware for my master bath yesterday. It was a little hard to find what I wanted. It needed to be brushed nickel. I wanted a toilet paper holder that pivoted open, and the towel hook needed to be a simple design. But I did find what I was looking for. Yay!

Hanging the stuff was easy with the paper templates they provided. Deciding their locations was a little tricky though. The bathroom is very small. The best place for the toilet paper holder was under the sink. Is it weird? Maybe a little, but it really is the right place for it.

Three Trip Task

Yesterday I put the faucet and drain in my bathroom sink! Woo hoo! There were some challenges along the way.

Mis-matching sizes for the water supply lines:

A big distance to span from the drain to the wall:

When I got to the last part of the drain, I needed a ninety degree bend.

A second trip to Home Depot, and then a trip to Lowe’s, and I found what I needed.

Success! I have a faucet and drain in my master bath! Yay!

The faucet is maybe a little big for the sink, but I really wanted two different handles for the hot and cold, rather than the single slidey handle.

The last thing I need in this bathroom is storage cabinets of some kind, and the room will be done!

Before and After

It was a nice Thanksgiving Day yesterday. I made a basic Thanksgiving meal – turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and cranberry relish. I like to make a lot of food each year because I can make frozen dinners with the leftovers. Mmmm…

While I was waiting for the turkey to cook, I replaced the medicine cabinet in my hallway bathroom. The old cabinet had lost its ability to stay closed, so I wanted to replace it. I haven’t replaced a medicine cabinet before, but it was surprisingly easy. Take the screws out of the old one, remove it, put the new one in, put new screws in. Behold:

And since I’m doing “before” and “after” shots, here is my turkey:

Bathroom Saga

The master bathroom in my house is an addition that was made years ago. It’s small, but it’s nice to have a second bathroom, especially one connected to the bedroom. It also has a door that goes to the outside, so one could go right from the swimming pool into the bathroom for showering and changing.

The bathroom has a shower, but no tub. The shower floor had a leak in it that I knew about before buying the house. Part of the negotiations was getting some money to fix that. Since I was fixing the floor, the tiles would be torn out, so they would need replacing. It was fun picking out something new.

I had intended to completely re-do the whole room and do a “before” and “after” post, but this project has taken WAY longer than I expected. I’m still not done. Everything is sequential… I can’t do this thing until that thing is done, and when I start doing that thing, I find out I need to do another thing first. Ack!

So to make a long story short (too late), I’ve decided to do a “before” and “so far” post, because this is just getting crazy.

As it turns out, I only have one “before” picture. Here it is:

Here are some “in progress” pictures of when I had someone fix the floor and re-tile:

I especially like that inset in the wall. It can hold soap and shampoo and whatnot, and it’s all at chest height. So nice! I saw something like it in pictures online, and asked the guy to put it in. Here is an “after” shot that shows the floor and the walls in their final form:

So since then, I’ve been trying to finish. Getting a sink to fit the room was a huge challenge. I finally went with a wall mounted sink. It’s small, but big enough for hand washing. I’ll have to get a cabinet or shelves if I want horizontal surfaces in the room.

I tried painting the walls yesterday, but got sidetracked because I wanted to take care of the medicine cabinet and lights. They were really old and cruddy-looking. I found a medicine cabinet, but no lights. And then it got dark. Another day past, and the bathroom is still not done. Sigh…

Two Things

I got two house things done yesterday! Two things!

I switched the air filter on my heater. It’s getting cooler here, and I think I might be using my heater soon, and when I had someone come to check out my climate control system, he told me I needed to replace it. It was pretty easy, so it shouldn’t really count as a whole thing, but I’m claiming it anyway.

I also painted the trim in the master bathroom. I have so much painting to do, but my painting stamina seems to be less than it used to be. Darn. Well, I’ll just do it bit by bit I guess. I’ll do the walls next…

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