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Puny Pill

I’ve been taking cholesterol pills for a while, but lately, my pill has changed shape. It was always a small dose, but there must’ve been filler in it or something, because now the pill is tiny:

The tiny-ness actually makes it hard to swallow. I put the pill in my mouth, then get some water, and then the pill disappears. More than once, it floated between my teeth, and when I tried to swallow, my teeth closed and crushed the pill – the bitter, bitter pill.

Maybe I should just smash it inside a piece of cheese. That works for dogs…

2 responses to “Puny Pill”

  1. Lauren says:

    Beth would then recommend that you follow with a cheese chaser so you actually swallow it. 😉

  2. Carol says:

    Been there…hate that…

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Entrée Experiments

I’m too lazy to cook most nights, so I’m tempted to eat junk. In an effort to eat healthier, I’ve been experimenting with a food delivery place. They make microwaveable meals kind of like frozen dinners, but not frozen – just refrigerated.

The food is good, but it tends to seem the same because it’s all warm and soft. It’s keeping me alive for now, so I guess that’s good. Last night’s selection was herb-crusted chicken with mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. It was ok.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring some variety to it. Last night I tried having pickles on the side. They’re cold and crunchy. It was pretty good. Maybe if I did a salad, that could help, but that’s so much work… shopping for fresh ingredients every couple of days, assembling things, trying to eat it all before it rots… ugh.

If I were rich, I would totally have a chef.

Porch Plants

I got some front porch pots a few days ago. I’ve been trying them in various positions to see what my favorite is. I finally got them just right, so I decided to put some plants in them.

I left the fiddle-leaf fig (the tall one) and the sanseveria (the spiky one) outside over the winter, and they survived, even with colder-than-usual temperatures, so I think they’ll be fine as outside plants.

I got the third plant (a schefflera triangularis) about a month ago. I kept it in its tiny pot, and have been worried about it drying out or suddenly dying. Now it has plenty of soil to spread its roots out. I can’t wait to see what it looks like as it grows bigger!

I think the whole arrangement looks like something you see at a mall, and I take perverse pleasure in that.


Happy Birthday to my niece Anna! Yay!

Yesterday was my first Sunday of grading since school started. It was as frustrating as usual – maybe a little more so, because I didn’t have that much grading really. I fell asleep for part of the time, then panic-worked for a while. I got everything done of course, but I wish I could figure out how to not be like this.

Anyway, once I was done, I was jittery and full of caffeine, so I decided to go walk at the mall and do some people-watching. It was a good outlet for my energy.

And then I remembered there is a Swarovski store at the mall. Would they have this year’s Christmas ornament out yet? Yes. Yes, they did. I don’t even pretend like I’m making a thoughtful decision about getting or not getting these each year anymore. I just got it 🙂

These are hard to take a picture of. The dark background finally helped show some detail.

This year’s model is very simple. It looks more like a star than a snowflake.

Falafel Festival

One of my new co-workers attends an Antiochian Orthodox church. Her church had a falafel festival yesterday! Woo !

It wasn’t as big as the Greek festival from last weekend, but it was still fun. There was delicious food. I didn’t end up getting any falafel, but I did get some shawarma. Mmm…

My co-worker wasn’t there, but I did mention her name to a few people. One of them pointed out her dad. He was wearing a fez! Awesome! I tried to catch him to say hi, but he had gone into a back room or something.

The church building used to be a Lutheran church, but was bought and converted in the fifties. It had many beautiful icons. I want to visit sometime, but I’m always so busy at my own church. One of the church members suggested I attend Vespers on a Saturday night. Maybe I will – that sounds interesting.

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