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Fun and Games

Yesterday I attended the new member class at my church. I of course know what my church teaches, but I attended anyway because I’m new. It also gave me a chance to get to know other people from my church. It was fun, but it felt like it went by too fast. I like when Bible study gets meaty.

In the evening, I went to a game night that someone from my church invited me to. There only ended up being three of us there, but it was nice to get to know them. We played “Ticket to Ride”, which I think I might have played once at Lloyd and Lauren’s. Then we played a 3-D version of scrabble. I wasn’t great at it, but I did at least stay in the game until the end. Good job, Brad!

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  1. Lauren says:

    How fun! (For you, of course. Not for me. I would make up so many excuses to not play games. 😀 )

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Blurry Pictures

Yesterday was Friday, so I wore an aloha shirt. It was also cold, so I wore a jacket. It was a weird combination. Can I keep doing Aloha Friday, even through the winter?

After a half day of classes, we had parent/teacher conferences. They went well. They ended earlier than Thursday night, so there was still daylight outside. As I walked along the balcony, I saw some weird glowing to the north. It was downtown LA. The sun was reflecting off of the windows of all the buildings. It was cool!


A couple days ago, I rushed home after school, and in the dwindling daylight, I planted bulbs in pots.

I planted two amaryllis bulbs. They survive outside in winter here! So excting!

For my memory archive, the back pot is “Vera”, and the front pot is “Rilona”. I’m so excited to see them bloom in the spring!

The amaryllis people gave me some allium karataviense, so I planted those in the little blue pot. I also got some hyacinths, because YUM! They smell so good!

Boxes and Boxes

We had a youth group night last night at church. We’ve been collecting items for Operation Christmas Child at school, and last night, we packed them into boxes. It was chaotic and fun. Even I got to pack a box:

We ended up with a LOT of packed boxes. I heard the total number, but now I can’t remember it. They’re all in this picture, if you want to count them:

I was tired when we were finished. It was a late night.


I had an electrician come to my house to look at replacing my breaker box. He said that before he could do it, the electric company would need to look at it and say whether or not it would need to be moved.

I called the electric company yesterday, and was surprised to find that there was no way to request speaking to a human. I called three different times to take different paths through the automated menu. I finally just kind of left the phone running while I searched the internet to see if there was some way to get a person, and I was suddenly being connected to a person. Then I saw a comment on the internet said that was a way to get a person… just let the menu prompt run three or four times. Weird.

That person said she couldn’t help me, but would transfer me to someone who could. Then I was on hold for LONG time. I left my phone running through a free period, lunch, a music practice, and another free period. I took a screen shot when I heard the person pick up:

That person did help me. She got an appointment set for someone to come to my house in the next seven to fourteen days and look at the breaker box. The good news is that I don’t have to be home. If the box needs to be moved, they’ll put an orange sticker on my house in the new location.

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