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Clouds and Color

Sometimes when I’m exercising, my trainer and I take a break to admire a beautiful sunrise. Yesterday was a particularly pretty one. They sky was purple. I wanted to record it in the memory archive.

I heard a whole thing on the radio once about the clouds in Hawaii. They are low-altitude because it’s an island. A larger landmass can have clouds that are higher up. The low clouds result in beautiful sunrises and sunsets. They also cause our plentiful rainbows. Yay clouds!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Science is amazing! I am glad to hear the explanation of why it is so gorgeous there. (It’s not just because God likes you best.). 😉

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It’s Star Wars Day! Yay! May the fourth be with you!

This is teacher appreciation week. A couple of the teachers at our school put together some materials for parents that let them know it was happening and made some suggestions for how to celebrate. They also decorated the school this morning. It was awesome!

Many of my homeroom kids brought me treats. So nice!

That wasn’t all! One of the eighth grade parents brought me lunch! Wow! She had arranged it with me on Friday. Thai food! She even asked me what I liked. I got massaman curry. Mmm… It was so good…

The Chickens are Appropriate

I stopped at Lowe’s yesterday, and saw some of the most unusual garden ornaments I’ve ever seen on Maui:

Ha! It’s farm-themed! Everything here is always island decor – tiki torches or Tahitian gods or whatever. This was barns and tractors! And since they were red, I was totally thinking about Nebraska. Hehe….

Things I Like

Yesterday morning I woke up extra early. After the sun came up, I put some birdseed out on the lanai. I soon had lots of visitors.

The Java sparrows are my favorite.

After a delightful time of reading and birdwatching, I headed to the store. I was looking for a headboard. I didn’t find one, but I did find a fuchsia, which besides being the name of a color, is also the name of a flower. It’s spelled so weird though. You say “fyew-sha”, but you spell it “fuchsia”? Crazy! Anyway, here’s the plant:

The variety name is ‘dark eyes’

When I got home, I was hungry. I thought I should eat something with vegetables, but there wasn’t much to choose from. I did have the ingredients for a BLT, so I prepared them. But not as sandwiches.

It was a day full of things I like! Yay!

Cable Correction

My cable box has been malfunctioning for months now. It didn’t matter to me because I’ve been streaming all this time, and because my condo association uses condo fees to get basic cable for every unit. But I did miss the clock on the cable display. When I was watching tv and wanted to know what time it was, I’d have to look at my wrist or my phone. Ugh.

Yesterday I finally took the old broken box in and exchanged it for a new box. When I had called for advice, the person on the phone made a reservation for me at the store. I was so glad she did. The line was LONG. They were all walk-ins, so when I signed in, my name went to the front of the line. I sort of felt bad, but I was glad to get seen quickly.

My condo fees cover a basic cable package, but I was paying a little extra for DVR services. While I was in the store, I dropped that. I hardly ever do smart money things. Way to go, Brad!

Local baseball?!? I would never stream that. Only cable! And look! It’s 8:33!

They gave me a new remote. I had to program it. At first I was annoyed, then I was happy, because my tv remote has started to not work anymore. I also programmed it to run the tv. Awesome!

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