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Pretty Plants

Yesterday I went out into the rain with two goals: get an umbrella for my truck, and go to the garden center.

The umbrella was a little hard to find. It doesn’t rain here very often, so stores don’t have much incentive to carry umbrellas. I finally got one at Lowe’s.

The garden center was delightful. I love this particular place. It has lots of unusual specimens. I browsed for a long time.

Because I’m still waiting for electrical and plumbing work to be done, my house is still unsettled, and I’m not ready for many plants yet. But my bathroom is done, and it has a sunny window sill that is perfect for something tiny…. and I found some tiny African violets. I love them!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That first phot looks like a Vermeer painting. 🙂

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Pizza Picky-ness

I’ve been looking for a good pizza place near me. So far, the places I’ve tried have been big failures. Too soggy, too salty, weird flavor…

But last night I found a place that was ok. It wasn’t great, but I would eat it again. The crust was pretty good. I got meat lovers. I think I’ll try different toppings next time.

Why is it so hard to find a pizza I like? Is it me?

Tie Tale

It’s Friday the Thirteenth! Stay in your room!

Years ago, when Rush Limbaugh was on tv, my dad ordered some Rush Limbaugh ties. I have several of them in my collection now. I wore one yesterday, and to my surprise, found out it was Rush Limbaugh’s birthday. What are the chances?

I got lots of comments on it, because it’s so brightly colored. I told a couple of classes where the tie was from, and was a little surprised to find out that none of the kids knew who he was. I suppose I shouldn’t have been that surprised. His tv show’s last season was in 1996, and his last regular radio show was ten years ago.

Seeing the Sunset

And now, some sunset pictures:

I’ve been able to go home a little earlier the last couple days. And the sun is staying out later I think. It’s been nice.

Today is Thursday. I will be staying after school to talk about our History Fair, which I am co-in-charge-of. It’s like a science fair, but with history.

I have no other evening commitments, so it should be another not-late night. Nice!

Link Remover

Back in November I got a new Superman watch, but it was too big. I thought maybe I could go to a watch place and get some links removed, but I never seemed to take the time. I decided to order a link remover from Amazon. It was only $7.

It came a while back, and sat unused for a while before I finally removed the links. It was fairly easy to use.

And now my watch fits perfectly! And also now I have a watch band link remover I don’t know what to do with. Do I keep it for some far-flung future in which I need to remove a watch band link again, and in the meantime it will be another piece of junk in my house? Or do I throw it away, since it was only $7, and it becomes another piece of junk in the landfill?

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