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Nowhere Knife

Years ago, Lauren gave me a cardboard-sawing knife. At least, I think that’s what it’s officially meant for. What it had become for me was the best thing ever to open packages that came in the mail. It was thin and slicey, but it wasn’t sharp. Its cutting power came from a serrated edge.

I have successfully kept it all these years… until a few months ago, when I lost it. It was maddening. I looked all over the house for it. I used it all the time! Where could I have put it? I eventually gave up looking for it. I must’ve accidentally left it in a box that I put in the recycle bin. Dang.

And then the other day, standing in the hallway outside of my bedroom, I saw this:

I have no memory of putting it there. Why would I even have done that? Under what circumstances would that have been the easiest place to put it? So weird…

But, yay! I have my package opener back again! Bring on the packages!

Oyster Memory

Yesterday was a long day and a late night, because I stayed through after school for Lenten services. I don’t have any pictures from yesterday, so here’s one from the weekend:

These candle holders in Marshall’s made me have some kind of sentimental reaction. I don’t think it was because of Grandpa Hummel’s shell collection. I think it’s something specifically about oyster shells. Is there some memory from my childhood of an oyster-encrusted place?

We may never know. My memory is terrible.

Mysterious Message

Well, Beth made it safely back to Nebraska. It was so fun to have her here.

Last night was super busy, so I don’t have any pictures. I went back in my camera roll, and saw a picture I took a few days ago. Remember the airplanes leaving vapor trails during recess? I think they were practicing for sky writing.

The other day, they were spelling words in the sky:

Here’s an upside-down version so you can read it better:

It says: “good riddance”. Some students were standing there with me, and one of them noticed that the message was directly over the cemetery down the street. Wow. Was this a spiteful message for an internment?

Air Show

Happy Valentines Day! And Happy Birthday to Daniel and to Samith! Yay!

Today during recess, a bunch of planes flew by in formation. They circled around for a second run, and then let out a smoke trail. It was cool.

They also flew by on Friday. Are they practicing for something? Are they crop-dusting? I’ll be curious to see if they fly by again today.

Scuffed Shoe

As I was sitting in teacher devotions yesterday morning, I noticed a scuffed area on my shoe:

What an odd pattern of scuffing. What could possibly have caused that? I don’t drag the top of my toes on the ground when I walk. It’s my driving foot, but I checked on the way home – it’s not happening as I drive. Do I put my feet under something during the day? My desk?

I have no idea what this is from.

Also, I need to get some shoe polishing supplies.

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