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I was enjoying the fresh air out on my lanai, and I couldn’t help the feeling I was being watched. I turned to the side, and saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was the Big White … Continue reading

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Charmed Laundry

Whenever I unloaded my washing machine, I could hear something metal sliding around at the bottom. I finally got it out: It’s some sort of metal talisman. Is it a laundry totem? By removing it, have I doomed my laundry … Continue reading

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Shower Salad

I think Lloyd and Lauren make salad in their bathtub. I went to take a shower yesterday morning, and saw this: and this: Oil and vinegar. Salad dressing ingredients. I think the conclusion is clear.

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Classroom Swamp

Because my classroom air conditioner isn’t working, I’ve been thinking about alternative cooling methods. I got some fans of course, but someone mentioned swamp coolers in passing, and that got me interested. I decided to research them a little. The … Continue reading

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Carnation Chemical

The Carnation Breakfast Drink I buy is in plastic containers. When I pull off the film that seals the top of the container, there is a strong chemical smell. I wonder what it is. Are they pumping the container full … Continue reading

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