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Something Different

Nesquik strawberry milk used to be my favorite drink in the world. It was so delicious. It also had stomach-settling properties that verged on the magical. But then something changed. Now I think it is all but undrinkable. It tastes … Continue reading

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Half Day Cake

Since yesterday was my half-birthday, I took some treats to school. I thought they should be treats that were half-birthday related. I decided to make cupcakes that were half chocolate and half yellow. I tried just pouring the two batters … Continue reading

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Buying Bread

I was looking for some bread at the grocery store, and decided maybe I’d get a loaf of brioche. I always check bread for the expiration date and get the freshest I can find. I found one that said August … Continue reading

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Final Wish

Yesterday was my family members’ last day on Maui. We started the day at church, which was fun because they got to see a lot of my school and church friends. We did a lot of hanging out and doing … Continue reading

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Christmas in July

Yesterday was mostly a lay around day. There was a Harry Potter marathon on TV, and I watched a lot of it. I also made candy. Our family has a recipe called “Christmas Candy”. It’s a dipped candy that is … Continue reading

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