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Church and Groceries

I did the message in church yesterday. It was three-service day again. It was tiring. I’m glad today is a day off from school. HERE is the message.

After the second service, I didn’t hang around at school very long. I intend to get my weekend schoolwork done today. I did go shopping though. The total this week was $92. Here’s what I got:

Candy bar (for the drive home. I was hungry) $1.50
Coffee $5
3 packs beef jerky $20
Peanuts $3.50
Chocolate syrup $5
2 Milks #13.50
6 frozen dinners $27
5 green peppers $9.50
5 bananas $3
tax $4

Grocery Snapshot

Lauren was saying that she read a thing that said to take pictures or videos of your everyday life at home. Then later, you can look back on it and remember what things were like.

In keeping with that idea, I decided to lay out all my groceries from my weekly shopping trip. Every once in a while, things drop off of my list, or get added, so this may look different some time later in my life. For now, I present, my food for one week. (Actually, I have other food at home already, so this isn’t the only thing I’ll be eating for the next week.) Also for the archive, this cost $116

As requested, here is the list of prices (approximate amounts, for the sake of speed)
2 packs beef jerky $19
peanuts $5
2 packs flax $10 (which I just noticed are missing from the picture)
saltines $5
dozen eggs $4
2 gallons milk $13
4 frozen dinners $20
butter $7
rice pudding $5
Asian pears $7
artichoke $6
Parmesan cheese $11
tax $4

Some Substitutions

A while ago at the grocery store, I got a box of cornbread muffin mix. I like cornbread, but only ever eat it when it’s a side from barbecue restaurants. Since I got this mix, I could have it anytime I want. Yum!

Last night, I decided to make them, but then found out I needed an egg. Dang.

But wait! The packaging of my ground flax seed says it can be a substitute for eggs! I tablespoon flax, three tablespoons water… let sit for five minutes.

I also don’t have a muffin pan or cupcake papers. I used my glass custard cups.

It worked! I ate cornbread last night! Mmm…


Yesterday was a day of shopping. I love going to stores at Christmas time. They’re full of people and there are sparkly lights and decorations. It’s like a great big party!

I got a few Christmas presents. I checked almost everything off my list. My last tasks can wait for after Christmas.

Denis wanted to stop at the Honeybaked Ham store to get a ham. I thought it was for people at his work, but it was for him! Yay! I got to eat some too. Yay!

A New Treat

Happy Birthday to Lauren! Yay! Her comment doesn’t acknowledge this birthday greeting because I forgot to write it. Boooo… I’m blaming the weird placement of Christmas this year and the fact that today is our last day of school before break.

I have to write about my Secret Santa experience again because I got a treat yesterday that blew my socks off. It was three donut-looking things in an unmarked plastic box:

They were like donuts, but chewy. Sweet dough, sweet toppings. My favorite was the strawberry frosted. Yum!

I showed the picture around and found out they are poi mochi donuts. Mochi is a delicious confection made from rice flour. Poi is made from taro root. It’s what gives the dough its purple color. I have heard of these, but never tried them. Now I think I will be trying them a lot!

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