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Chicken Man

I went to small-group Bible study last night. We moved it from Tuesday to Monday because that worked with Kaala’s schedule better. It was my turn to bring the main dish, and I knew exactly what I would bring – … Continue reading

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Smoky and… Piney?

After a day of grading yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store for my usual shopping stop. I’m always kind of hungry on Sunday evenings because I don’t eat lunch on Sunday. I decided last night to get some sausage. … Continue reading

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Surprising Sandwich

Burger King has been advertising their vegetarian burger lately. I was curious, so I tried one yesterday. It tasted really good. I was surprised I guess. It didn’t seem any different than a regular burger from there. It was bigger … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper

I had my usual work day at school yesterday, but I didn’t use my time very well, so I was there til late. After working at school, my usual thing is grocery shopping. Last night I was shopping hungry. I … Continue reading

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Some Shrimp

Today is my half birthday! Woo hoo! I was craving steamed shrimp with Old Bay seasoning yesterday. It was a bad enough craving I went out to the grocery store after I was already home! I know, right? That’s a … Continue reading

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