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Delicious Delivery

Somebody sent me some Carnation breakfast drink in the mail. *cough* Lauren *cough* This Carnation was in pouches. I was curious to see if it had the same chemical smell my containerized Carnation does when you open it. It doesn’t. … Continue reading

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The Essentials

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I’m keeping a pretty spartan cupboard these days. Mostly cereal, a few meats (I keep those in the refrigerator, not the cupboard), and lunch foods. Last week for lunch I did ham and cheese sandwiches, … Continue reading

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Brad’s Bread

When I moved to Hawaii, I could not find the brand of bread I used to get in Maryland. I’ve tried a few different brands, but I think I’ve found the one I’ll stick with: Love’s. It’s a local brand. … Continue reading

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One of my favorite infrequent snacks is graham crackers with frosting. I’m sure whenever this was invented, the serving size was one graham cracker, but I usually eat a whole sleeve, or whatever I can use with however much frosting … Continue reading

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Deliciousness Delivered

I got a package in the mail! Woo hoo! It was from Debbie, my “sister” from Tennessee. It was full of fun stuff, but my favorite thing was a small jar of home made pickles. Mmmm… I love pickles! They’re … Continue reading

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