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Surprising Ending

I have been drinking Carnation breakfast drink for more than 25 years. I have recently been trying to find a way to make a replacement for it with erythritol. I wanted to stop drinking a giant glass of sugar first … Continue reading

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Marked-Down Milk

At the beginning of the covid panic, milk was one of the harder things to find. I certainly couldn’t get my usual two gallons per visit to the grocery store. Now-a-days, it seems like they aren’t selling milk fast enough. … Continue reading

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Taste Test

I was reading the internet the other day, and people were talking about things that aren’t as good as they once were. One of the things someone mentioned was ice cream, specifically Breyers. It really caught my attention. I used … Continue reading

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Sunday Shopping

After online church, we went into Lincoln yesterday. Well, Lauren and I did. Lloyd headed to Missouri for a meeting. I was looking for some food ingredients. Lauren was looking for some fun. I found my food ingredients almost immediately. … Continue reading

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Cake Press

I went to dinner with my mom and Caleb and Alicia. When I got home from dinner, I was craving cake. Lauren had a box of cake mix and …a sandwich press? It actually worked well. Each cake sandwich thing … Continue reading

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