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When I was in the Philippines, I got something at the grocery store called Magic Sarap. It’s a seasoning for food. Since I’ve been trying to cook chicken for myself, I got some Magic Sarap, because “magic”! I finally tried … Continue reading

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A Quarter-cup Short

I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I was pretty sure I had all the ingredients. I almost did. I was short on flour. I put in a little extra oatmeal, hoping that would make up for it. It … Continue reading

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Cebu City

Yesterday morning was a sleep-in-ish kind of morning. I still woke up early. I think I’m still not adjusted to this time zone. The clock is six hours earlier than Hawaii, but the date is one day later. Anyway, once … Continue reading

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And Then We Ate Some More

Yesterday morning we met up with some of Denis’ friends from grade school. We went to a fancy hotel and had their breakfast buffet. It was expansive. I was excited to see that they had champurado. It’s like oatmeal made … Continue reading

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Food and Retreat

Yesterday, we got a ride early to the docks so we could catch the ferry back to Cebu. We were there in plenty of time, and while we waited, it was funny to see how everyone was on their phones. … Continue reading

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