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Evil Weevils

A while back, I bought a bag of flour to refill my flour jar in the kitchen. The jar looked kind of dirty, and I was going to wash it, so I just left the bag of flour on my … Continue reading

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Mixing Methods

I wanted something sweet after dinner last night, so I made some delicious frosting for graham crackers. For the frosting, I mix butter, vanilla extract, milk, and powdered sugar. I’ve been experimenting a little with the order of mixing. I’ve … Continue reading

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Good Potluck Pick

Last night was the first Advent service of the season. At my church, we meet at 5:30 for potluck dinner, then have church at 6:30. I decided I would bring KFC to the dinner. I think people really like it … Continue reading

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Pizza Time

Last night was a fund raiser night for our school band. It was at a pizza restaurant in Paia. I would have supported the cause anyway, but since I’m the substitute band director while Andrea is gone, I especially wanted … Continue reading

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Transit Temperatures

I stopped by Walmart yesterday, and saw that they had chocolate covered cherries. Yum! I got some. But when I got home, I found out they were melted. Ugh. Somewhere along the process of shipping, they must’ve gotten very warm. … Continue reading

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