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Turkey Now and Forever

At the end of the school year, my principal gave me a turkey. He had been keeping it in a freezer at school, but needed to take it out for summer stuff. He didn’t have room in his freezer at … Continue reading

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A Night Out

I joined Lloyd and Samith in watching Avengers: Endgame yesterday afternoon. It was fun to see it again. I noticed a few details I missed the first time. Also, I didn’t have to worry about missing anything when I had … Continue reading

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My trainer has an old car in her garage. I’m not good at knowing what old cars are, but this is like a 1950’s car of some kind. It’s cool. Her rear-view mirror has some soft-toy ornaments that I commented … Continue reading

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An Apple a Day

I’ve been eating an apple with peanut butter for lunch lately. I slice and core the apple in the morning, then wrap it with Press’N’Seal. I keep the peanut butter at school, and scoop it with a spoon and dip … Continue reading

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Whey to Go

I have been trying to add protein to my diet. I switched to eating a pouch of tuna at lunch. At first, it was great. Throwing a pouch of tuna in my lunch bag was so easy in the morning. … Continue reading

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