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Perfect Pork

I have been eating bacon a lot lately. I open a pack, but half of it in a sandwich bag in the freezer, and cook the other half. I like to microwave it because it’s faster and it takes less … Continue reading

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An Old Dinner

It’s nice having a dumpster to put my trash in. I can take my trash out any time I want. I still let the trash can get kind of full before emptying it though. Last night as I was about … Continue reading

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Forgotten Food

I’ve talked before about how kids in the lower grades always bring treats for their own birthdays, and always bring enough to pass out to all the teachers. When I get the treats, the students who are in my room … Continue reading

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Prodigious Pizza

I went out to dinner last night. We ate at Pizza in Paradise, which is a delicious pizza joint in Kahului. We decided to get one of their specialty pizzas – a stuffed, deep dish pizza. There was a crust … Continue reading

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Pleasant and Tasty

After sleeping in (I’m still not adjusted to this time zone), I worked in the garden a little. It was so pleasant. I miss gardening. In the evening, I met my friend Chetarra for dinner. She’s going to visit Maui … Continue reading

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