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Ed and Jo fly home today. It was a great visit. Please pray for their safe travel. I went to regular Bible study last night. Kaala and Andrea had some home-made lilikoi jelly and lilikoi butter. Lilikoi is what everyone … Continue reading

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Cupcake Critique

Yesterday kids brought LOTS of treats. In my classroom, it was mostly candy. Kids from other classes kept coming by with cupcakes …so many cupcakes. I only ate one cupcake yesterday, but it was AMAZING! One of my homeroom students … Continue reading

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Early Birthday

I had my weekly Bible study at Kaala and Andrea’s house last night. Before we got started, everyone surprised me with leis because my birthday is tomorrow. (The plural of “lei” is actually “lei”, but for the sake of clear … Continue reading

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Acid Antidote

I’ve been having acid stomach consistently for several days now. I know what my triggers are, and I’ve been avoiding them, but it hasn’t seemed to be working. My regular fix for an acid stomach is milk. And when it’s … Continue reading

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Baby Banana

I worked at school yesterday, and while I was grabbing some Geography papers I left on a shelf by my desk, I saw some bananas I had put there on Friday. I always take bananas out of my lunch bag … Continue reading

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