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Amazing Artichokes

This is a busy week. I have evening commitments Monday through Friday. Yesterday was only Tuesday, but I was already feeling it. When I stopped at the grocery store to get something for chapel this morning, I saw some big, beautiful artichokes, so I got some.

I had one for dinner. It was delicous.

It was a little hard to scrape the leaves with my teeth, because the bottom front ones are missing. I sort of had to bite with the side of my mouth.

Peanut Protein

I had a relaxing day yesterday. I got a massage! It was actually my second time there. I should post about that some time, but I didn’t take a picture. Man, did I feel good afterward though.

In the evening, I was having some delightful couch time, and had a favorite meal – peanut butter and chocolate chips. It’s good protein, I’m sure. And the chocolate chips have antioxidants I think. Practically health food!

Cookie Cache

It’s Girl Scout cookie season! Woo hoo! One of my sixth graders asked me if I would like to order some. Would I? I ordered nine boxes!

There was a new flavor this year that’s supposed to taste like salted caramel brownies. I got a box so I could try them.

I don’t really like them that much. That’s ok, because I loaded up on Thin Mints and Trefoils. Mmmm…

Two Treats

Yesterday started with a glorious sunrise. I had to go outside before I was ready so I could get a picture. It turned out even better than I expected – the sky looks purple!

And then, for National Lutheran Schools Week, some parents made lunch for us teachers. It was so nice! And the food was delicious!

I have to say – my favorite thing was the cornbread. it was like corn pudding. I haven’t had that in forever. It was so good!

Spam and Sunset

The family of one of my seventh graders loves Maui. They go there often. The dad has become quite good at making Spam musubi. Yesterday the mom stopped by my classroom before school and gave me one. Yum!

I don’t usually eat that much during school days, but yesterday I had a Spam musubi AND a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was eating like a king!

I left for home before dark. The sun was starting to set though, so I had a great view on my way down the steps to the parking lot.

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