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A Bag of Dinner

I seem to be writing about food a lot lately.

When I was getting wheat from the tree-hugger grocery store, something in the checkout line caught my eye – a bag of chips that was being advertised as a complete meal.

I had to get it of course. It’s made of rice flour and includes pea protein and various vitamins and minerals.

They taste pretty good. A little like Cheetos, but with less intense flavor. I ate the whole bag. It was filling. In fact, it made my stomach feel a little bloated at first. But there weren’t any lasting gastrointestinal effects.

I think I might eat this again. There are definitely nights where I really don’t care what I eat, as long as it makes me stop being hungry, and as long as it keeps me alive.

Pre-Meeting Meal

We had a church meeting last night, so I was staying through in Kahului from the end of school to the beginning of the meeting. I needed something to eat, so I decided to go to IHOP. It’s been a while since I’ve been there.

It was a bit of an adventure, because yesterday was the first day of the governor’s new rule that you can only eat inside a restaurant if you show proof of vaccination. I was the only one in the restaurant. It was 3:40pm, so not exactly rush hour, but still…

The server said they had had to turn several people away because they couldn’t produce proof. I gave a big tip when I finished.

I had a 2x2x2. It’s my favorite meal there. There was a little mixup – I asked for pancakes with blueberries in them, but no blueberry compote on top. She misunderstood and brought me plain pancakes with blueberry syrup. I ate them anyway, because mmm… pancakes…

The Food of My Ancestors

I often think about Samith telling me about a conversation he had with his dad, where his dad talked about how Samith’s body was suited for Indian food, because it was the food of his ancestors. Generations of micro-evolution had led to him – a person whose digestive system and physiology worked best when fueled with the nutrients provided by Indian food.

It seems like a compelling argument. I do really like northern European foods – meat, dairy, bread, potatoes. Last night, it’s what I had for dinner. Mmm…

I should have eaten something green. Do grapes count? I had those later.

Whonderful Wheat

Happy Birthday to my niece Anna! Woo hoo!

Yesterday in eighth grade religion class, we read from the Bible about Jesus’ disciples walking through a wheat field and picking wheat heads to eat the grains. I know what uncooked, unprocessed wheat kernels taste like because my grandpa and uncle grew wheat.

As an added point of interest, because of the gluten, if you just keep chewing, and don’t swallow, you eventually have wheat-flavored gum. It’s a fascinating sensation.

The kids in my classes haven’t had the experience of eating wheat kernels, so I like to go to tree-hugger grocery stores to look for wheat. They call it “wheat berries”.

One of the places in town had it! The kids had a mixed reaction. Some of them really liked it. Others spit it out immediately. I risked eating some, even though my teeth are in bad shape and the hard wheat kernels were dangerous for breaking a tooth.

It tasted like childhood summers 🙂


The copy machine at school isn’t working. I have a laser printer in my room, so I can just print things there, and use my phone scanner if I need copies. My classroom-neighbor Chloe asked if I could print some things off for her. I was glad to help.

After I finished, she said she was going to the store and asked if I wanted a thank you treat. I said I’d love some grapes. My fruit-picking-outing ability is really bad. If anything, I seem to have a talent for picking fruit that is NOT good. I had been craving grapes, but the last time I bought some, they were terribly sour.

Yesterday after returning with the class from our bathroom break, this was on my teacher chair:

Pay no attention to the rough-looking appearance of the chair. It is EXTREMELY comfortable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The grapes were GREAT! Thanks, Chloe! Yum!

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