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An Apple a Day

I’ve been eating an apple with peanut butter for lunch lately. I slice and core the apple in the morning, then wrap it with Press’N’Seal. I keep the peanut butter at school, and scoop it with a spoon and dip … Continue reading

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Whey to Go

I have been trying to add protein to my diet. I switched to eating a pouch of tuna at lunch. At first, it was great. Throwing a pouch of tuna in my lunch bag was so easy in the morning. … Continue reading

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Clay and Cookies, Trial Two

Last year, I tried to have my students make cookies that had were ‘inlaid’ with candy. I used Jolly Ranchers, which didn’t work too well, because the cookies were soft, and the candy was HARD. This year, I tried using … Continue reading

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Familiar Flavor

I’ve made a delightful food discovery! I’ve found a seafood gumbo that tastes like cream of crab soup from Baltimore! Yay! Actually, it does taste a little different… instead of crab meat, it has lots of other kinds of seafood … Continue reading

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Easter Dinner

Pastor and Judy hosted another awesome dinner last night. Judy’s theme was Easter. Her foods were all pastel and colorful. Salad with dyed hard-boiled eggs: Jello with applesauce cut in the shape of eggs: Taro and guava dinner rolls: Lemon … Continue reading

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