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Beauty and the Beast

The flowers at church are often from someone’s garden, as was the case yesterday. But I couldn’t believe the flowers that were in there. It was an amaryllis stalk! The flowers were beautiful, but I couldn’t believe someone cut it. … Continue reading

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Step by Step

I have been trying to get an aquarium up and running in my classroom. I had the longest delay because my water-filler-and-empty-er tube wouldn’t connect to the faucet in my room. I got that figured out, and then there was … Continue reading

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Bradosaurus Rex

Recently, I have developed a strong affinity for rex begonias. These are the kind of houseplant begonias that have fancy leaves. I’ve looked everywhere for them here on Maui, but haven’t found them. I wanted some so bad I got … Continue reading

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Hyacinth Smell

After church last night, I came straight home. As I was coming up the stairs outside, I smelled the hyacinth I bought. The fragrance was so powerful! I was surprised, because the window wasn’t open. How could that little flower … Continue reading

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Carnation Curiosity

I have decided to just get cut flowers every Sunday when I go to the grocery store. It will just be a regular expense, like the electricity bill. I was a little disappointed in this past week’s lilies. They were … Continue reading

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