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Procuring Pots

I can’t really do much gardening yet because I’m still learning the climate here. But that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about it.

I do know that my back yard gardening will be mostly in containers, because most of the back yard is cement, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for big planter pots that I like.

There was one at the discount home store that caught my eye – it was about three feet tall, and had an interesting mosaic pattern on it. But it was big and heavy, and I didn’t know if I should spend the money on it, so I didn’t get it. Weeks went by, so I thought it was gone, but then I saw it again:

There were two. I got both 🙂

A Little Light Gardening

When I got home yesterday, I worked in the garden. It was the first time I’ve done any gardening in a long time. I pulled weeds from the beds on the side of the pool.

The more I worked, the more energy I had. It was glorious! As a bonus, I was still in my teacher clothes. I was the Gentleman Gardener once again!

And Then There Were Three

Happy Birthday to Denis! Woo hoo!

I got another orchid. I actually got this a few weeks ago, but haven’t posted about it.

It first caught my eye because of its small size and its intensely-colored flowers. Then when I did an internet search on the Latin name, I was convinced. This is a Doritaenopsis, which is a summer-blooming variety of orchid. Cool! I’ll have months of flowers!

There’s still more room left on the sill. I can get more orchids!

Slow Growing, My Eye

I have been resisting getting plants, but I couldn’t resist getting a zz plant. The are nearly indestructible, they grow in low light, and they are slow growing, so you don’t have to repot them often.

Except this one seems to be growing fast. Two new big leaves have sprouted in the last few weeks. Will it grow like this all the time, or is it just experiencing a spring growth spurt? I guess I’ll find out…

Mini Orchid

My new orchid is blooming! Actually, it’s not new-new. I got it two months ago. It had bloom spikes back then, but now it has full-blown flowers!

I have the beginning of a collection now I’m afraid. I think that before long, this window sill will be packed full of orchids. Yay, orchids!

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