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Herculean Effort

I don’t know why, but anything having to do with money or paying bills or bank records or whatever, is extremely hard for me to do. It just exhausts me. A few days ago, I got a water bill for … Continue reading

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My classroom aquarium has some albino corydoras catfish in it. They are filling the role of “bottom fish”. (The tetras swim in the middle, and the guppies swim at the top.) Much of the time, the corys are swimming around … Continue reading

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Just Looking

In the morning at school, there are snails on the ground. They aren’t small. Normally I would just ignore creatures like this, or maybe pick them up and chuck them into the bushes, but there is a parasite here called … Continue reading

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Baby Crownflower Trees

The crownflower seeds I planted at the beginning of August have sprouted. I had left them in the seed-starting tray for a while, but I finally transferred some of them to larger pots. It feels like they’re growing slowly, but … Continue reading

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Cute Cat

My co-worker Chloe got a kitten! She loves cats. She was one of Gus’ babysitters this past summer. She has wanted a cat of her own, wasn’t sure if she could get one. She just recently got married and they’re … Continue reading

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