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Birthday Boxes

My birthday is on Wednesday, but I’ve already gotten two packages! I got one from Beth yesterday. It had a tie and a cat in it.

The cat is a Beanie Baby, and it was born on February 8! My same birthday! Ha!

The other package came the day before, on Friday. It was from Tennessee Debbie. It had a bunch of fun stuff!

But it wasn’t until yesterday until I noticed that two pieces put together formed a rebus:

It says: “bros” – like “brothers”… B + rose – “bros”. Ha!

A Friend and A Find

I regularly see a neighbor leave the same time as I do. They’re in the house right next to mine. They are often sitting in their running car in the morning when I get into my truck. Or maybe they’ve started their car to let the heater warm up a little? Yesterday, they pulled out right before I did:

Yesterday at school was a professional development day. It was a webinar-style presentation. The presenter was engaging and interesting. She talked about how stress interferes with learning. She said a lot of thought-provoking stuff, but my favorite thing was when she was talking about “states” of emotion, and how kids can shift states. She gave me a new thing to say to kids who say: “I don’t get it”

I love it! Kids often say they don’t get it when they’re in math class. I will just have them say it again, but add the word “yet”. A simple adjustment, but one I think will help 🙂

Blimp Sighting

I haven’t done any asking or internet searching, but the Goodyear blimp must be housed somewhere near here. I’ve seen it near my house more than once. Yesterday, I saw it from the balcony at school:

I pointed it out to a student, and it didn’t faze him at all. File it under: things people see all the time, so it’s not a big deal.

I wonder if I could go see it on the ground. Or maybe we could do a field trip there! That would be cool!

Swarovski Screen

I have about a dozen Swarovski Christmas ornaments that I’ve never really displayed. Beth hung hers in her kitchen window to nice effect. They were very sparkly there. My windows all have shutters in them, so I wasn’t really sure what to do.

I saw a thing online that was a screen made out of circles. I thought maybe I could hang it on the wall and display the ornaments that way. When the screen came, it was bigger than I thought. I fits perfectly into the window. Huh. Maybe I can display the ornaments in the widow…

Cheese and Chocolate

I’ve been eating comfort foods so far this week. Monday night, I had grilled cheese. Last night, it was macaroni and cheese. Mmm… I like cheese.

Beth and I were talking Monday, and she said she was really craving what our family calls Canadian cookies. She resisted making them because she would eat so many of them if she could. But then yesterday, she sent me this picture:

It made me really crave them myself, so I made them too. At first I put them on aluminum foil in cookie shapes.

But I couldn’t wait for them to dry, so I just scooped a bunch of them into a bowl:

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