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Church and Groceries

I did the message in church yesterday. It was three-service day again. It was tiring. I’m glad today is a day off from school. HERE is the message.

After the second service, I didn’t hang around at school very long. I intend to get my weekend schoolwork done today. I did go shopping though. The total this week was $92. Here’s what I got:

Candy bar (for the drive home. I was hungry) $1.50
Coffee $5
3 packs beef jerky $20
Peanuts $3.50
Chocolate syrup $5
2 Milks #13.50
6 frozen dinners $27
5 green peppers $9.50
5 bananas $3
tax $4


I got up bright and early yesterday to get on a plane for Oahu. There was a conference there that our district was sponsoring. It was about being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I went with five of my co-workers

Me, Andrea, Maile, Grace, Megan, Liz

I really enjoyed going. It was thought-provoking. It was also nice to hang with my co-workers. I’m not used to sitting and listening for very long though, so I got sleepy. I drank lots of coffee.

For lunch, we ate on the lanai. The table was in the shade, but my head was in the sun. I was not prepared with a hat, so I had to improvise.

Eye-day Friday

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I’m a little overdue. I wear daily disposable contacts, and I’m running out. I’ve been wearing them three or four days before switching to new ones.

My insurance includes eye exams, but only at my doctor’s office. Their next available appointments were months away, and only seem to be scheduled for 10am. That’s a no.

I went to the place I went to the last two years. In both of those instances, it was the end of the year and I was trying to use up my HSA money. This time I was at the beginning of the year, so I was more frugal. Well, not really. The exam was expensive. But I didn’t buy contacts from them. I’m sure I can find them for cheaper. Somewhere. I should look on the internet or something…

They had me look at the letters with no contacts and asked if I could see them. I was laughing, because the mirror itself was just a blur. They did finally put a gigantic single letter on the projection screen that I could see. It was a “U”.

They asked me my current prescription and I couldn’t remember. I was worried, because I didn’t want my new prescription to be totally different. They couldn’t just look it up, because this was a new doctor, and the old doctor took all the records with him. Fortunately, I found the picture that went on THIS post. It has the numbers on it! Yay! I wear -3.50 in my right eye, and -2.25 in my left.


I found new towels for my bathroom!

I had been looking at Target because I had a gift card, but I didn’t see anything suitable. Then when I stopped there after school, I saw them: towels that hadn’t been there before, but were being stocked on the shelves by a worker. They were perfect! Yay!

They have stripes like my rugs, the blue is the same as my hand towels, and they’re white like my shower certain. Excellent!

Ship Shape

On my way home from school, I saw a group walking along the sidewalk who look liked cruise ship people. There is something about the way they dress and walk and look around that makes them instantly recognizable. I was driving, so I couldn’t get a picture.

But then as I got farther down the road, I saw it – a cruise ship! Amazing! We haven’t had one here since covid. This one was smaller than the ones that used to come here, but it was still a big ship. I stopped at the Whole Foods parking lot so I could take a picture:

It was fun to see. A little bit of normalcy returning to Maui. Nice.

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