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Time Flies

I spent a lot of time in my classroom yesterday. I’m finally starting to feel settled in. One of the things I did was work on my bio for the school’s website. Right now, it has something that someone else … Continue reading

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Waiting and Playing

My regularly scheduled day at school yesterday was interrupted by a phone call from some maintenance guys who said they needed to get into my apartment. I knew they had planned on coming. They were going to replace both bathroom … Continue reading

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Check and Check

Happy Birthday to Michele! Yay! And Happy Bradaptation Day! It’s the 11th anniversary of my first contiguous post! Woo hoo! Wait… can I use contiguous to describe a single item? Maybe I should say “It’s the 11th anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Sleeping Tall

For a long time, I’ve wondered what it would be like to get those bed stilts. You know, those things they sell in the “off to college” section of stores? They’re tall plastic feet you put under your bed so … Continue reading

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I was back home and had eaten dinner by 5:30pm last night. Normally that would mean coasting until bedtime, but I was feeling antsy, so I went to Target. I am on the farthest north edge of Kihei, and Target … Continue reading

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