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A Bunch of Books

I stopped at the mall yesterday, and while I was there, I went to the Maui Frends of the Library store. It’s a used book store that supports the public libraries here. I love used book stores.

I was looking for books I could add to my classroom bookshelves. I was originally looking just for “Wimpy Kid” books and “Goosebumps” books, because many of my reluctant readers don’t mind reading those as much. I ended up finding only a few of those, but also got some other good finds.

I was most curious about the Frank Peretti books. I read his “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness” books a long time ago. I didn’t know he wrote kids books. I’m excited to read these and find out what they’re like.

Foil Fun

I was opening some chewing gum in my truck, and this happened:

I thought you couldn’t peel the foil away from the waxy part of gum wrappers any more. I used to do it a LOT when I was a kid. It seems like I tried it again as an adult, and it didn’t work at all. This particular foil peeled off so easily! I think I’ll be peeling ALL these gum wrappers as I open them. Awesome!

Green and Gold

The taro plants at school had a pretty bad aphid infestation. Fortunately, soapy water kills aphids. Unfortunately, I mixed it too strong and burned the leaves.

The plants will survive. They’re pretty tough, and they’ll send out new leaves quickly. And if I can say there’s a bright side to this, I’d say it’s the beautiful autumn colors in the leaves. Yay Fall!

Something Completely Different

Yesterday evening I went over to Steven and Chloe’s house. The kids had asked about me playing Nintendo with them. I thought it was going to be a racing game. I’m okay at those. Instead, it was Super Smash Bros. Uh-oh. I hadn’t played that before.

In spite of my inexperience, it was a delightful time. They have some foster kittens right now, and they were super cute. They also had me stay for dinner. Yum!

I took a picture of one of the kittens, but it wasn’t very good. Chloe got a good picture of a kitten AND a hilarious picture of me concentrating and trying not to die while I was fighting against the other players.

Hehe… Actually, by the end of the evening, I wasn’t dying as much, so at least I made some progress.

Repeated Repast

For quite a while now, I’ve been bringing the same thing for school lunch each day – two slices of white bread with two slices of American cheese between them. At school, I’m just eating to stay alive.

But recently, I’ve gotten tired of my cheese sandwiches, so now I’m eating….

HAM and cheese

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