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A Decrease in Decorations

Since I’ve done work in the kitchen and other places in my condo, I’m trying to keep from junking them up again. I’ve only had partial success. Part of it is keeping organized, and part of it is that I … Continue reading

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Copious Catalogs

I was chatting with our school secretary about how when I was a kid, these catalogs would come to our house, and it was fun to look through them. They had all kinds of items in them – funny t-shirts, … Continue reading

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Stain Stick

I don’t use my second bathroom”s toilet very often. Because of that, the water evaporates in the bowl and has left hard water mineral deposits in a ring. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing took it off. … Continue reading

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Decoration Day

Yesterday was the day after Thanksgiving, so I put up Christmas decorations. I have a parol (a Filipino Christmas decoration) from when I was in Baltimore. I have a lot of Filipino neighbors, so I think that by displaying this … Continue reading

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Eating Now and Later

I had a good Thanksgiving meal yesterday. I got a 22 pound turkey. I like LOTS of turkey so I can have leftovers. I tried something new I saw… instead of putting the butter on the surface of the skin, … Continue reading

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