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A Low-key Day

We were off of school yesterday because of Hawaii Admission Day. I slept in, because I’ve slowly become sleep deprived over the last couple of weeks. Then I went in to school. My goal was to figure out the grade … Continue reading

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Something Old, Something New

I was talking about date trees in religion class, and several of the kids didn’t know what they were. In situations like this, I often think of a comic about that talks about how you react when you hear someone … Continue reading

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Text Tomfoolery

The staff at my school here are active texters. We have a group text going that people ask questions in, and others answer back with serious and joke answers. It’s fun. 🙂

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An New Old Friend

I saw a gecko in my house! Finally! I like geckos. They look really friendly and cute, and they eat bugs. They do poop on stuff, so that’s a negative, but other than that, they’re all positive for me. The … Continue reading

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The Same and Different

Yesterday morning was our first Monday Assembly at school. The whole school gathered, we said the pledges, sang Happy Birthday to the birthday people, and heard some announcements. It’s funny because it is almost exactly what we did on Mondays … Continue reading

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