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Blue Icicles

My lanai has a roof over it. There were already nails in it for hanging Christmas lights, so I got Christmas lights. Woo hoo! I decided to get blue lights this year. I’ve never had blue lights. They’re nice. I … Continue reading

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Delicious Delivery

Somebody sent me some Carnation breakfast drink in the mail. *cough* Lauren *cough* This Carnation was in pouches. I was curious to see if it had the same chemical smell my containerized Carnation does when you open it. It doesn’t. … Continue reading

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To the Vet

On Saturday night, Gus had some sort of itchy breakout. The itchiness seems to have stopped, but some of the places he scratched are raised and swollen now. I was concerned, so I took him to the vet. The doctor … Continue reading

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Sierpinski Christmas Tree

The fractal Christmas tree we started in school last week is finished! Woo hoo! We finished Math early, so we did a little more classroom decorating. Two of the girls worked diligently to construct the fourth tetrahedron. Over the weekend, … Continue reading

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Matching Material

The retired pastor and his wife wear matching colored clothing to church every Sunday. I love it! I got a picture of them together a while back, and I’ve been trying for weeks to get another picture. They can’t often … Continue reading

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