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Bigger Bloom

I want to do some re-potting on my lanai, but I keep getting back to my place too late. Instead of doing any gardening, I just want to eat something a rest a little before sleep. Yesterday, I at least … Continue reading

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Bite Bump

I have a bite on the underside of my arm near my armpit. When I first noticed it, it was a big angry red bump surrounded by a larger red circle of hot skin. Now, it’s just a big angry … Continue reading

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Charmed Laundry

Whenever I unloaded my washing machine, I could hear something metal sliding around at the bottom. I finally got it out: It’s some sort of metal talisman. Is it a laundry totem? By removing it, have I doomed my laundry … Continue reading

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Calm Cat

I had a good day of grading yesterday. I wasted so little time. I was good! Yay, Brad! When I got home, I watched a little TV to relax before bed. Gus relaxed with me.

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Foam Rolling

I am still seeing a personal trainer. It’s really helped me stay active. I love just the fact that I have appointments to keep, and someone telling me to keep moving, but she is also very knowledgeable. Along with my … Continue reading

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