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Sad Sequel

I got home while it was still light out yesterday, so I could go out to the back yard and check on my dianthus. All the flower buds were dried up.

I’m not sure what happened. Maybe they got too cold and got burned? Maybe our sudden burst of warm weather came to quickly? I don’t think it’s a lack of water. The soil was moist.

How disappointing. Hopefully it will set some more buds. It’s early in the season still. There’s time…

Fragrant Flowers

I’m experimenting with various plants in my back yard to see what I like and what grows here. One plant is a dianthus called “Duchess of Westminster”. I have only grown annual dianthus plants before. This is a perennial, honest-to-goodness carnation. I got it from my favorite mail-order plant place, Logee’s. They describe it as being a good bloomer, and having a strong fragrance. Nice!

I received it in the spring of last year. I planted it in a pot and gave it a nice, sunny location. It grew a little bit, but didn’t flower. Dang.

But the other day I went out and saw this:

Yay! Blooms! I can’t wait for them to open so I can smell them. Mmm…

Amazing Artichokes

This is a busy week. I have evening commitments Monday through Friday. Yesterday was only Tuesday, but I was already feeling it. When I stopped at the grocery store to get something for chapel this morning, I saw some big, beautiful artichokes, so I got some.

I had one for dinner. It was delicous.

It was a little hard to scrape the leaves with my teeth, because the bottom front ones are missing. I sort of had to bite with the side of my mouth.

Box Bracing

The drawer I keep my wraps and storage bags in fits everything pretty well, but my sandwich bag box had space behind it, and would keep sliding to the back of the drawer.

I had been looking for something to put behind it for a while, but getting something just the right size was proving to be difficult. But I finally discovered something that worked: cut-to-fit cardboard packing material!

It works famously!

Familiar Faces

When I’m eating at my desk at school on weekends or evenings, I often open up YouTube to watch a short video. Usually, it’s something from Bible Project.

Yesterday, I watched one of those, then clicked on a suggestion in the sidebar. It was a video about different denominations. It was interesting to watch, but partway through, I was surprised to see people I recognized:

The upper right corner of the video is a picture from when I lived in Maui. The synodical president visited us for our church’s anniversary. The guys on either side of him are my old pastors! Ha! How fun! They’re famous!

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