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New Light

The lamp by my bed has been flickery for a while. I knew it had something to do with the power cord, but I didn’t know where exactly. But on Thursday, I found out. It was in the switch. Some … Continue reading

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Imaginary Jelly Beans

A long time ago, I had Welch’s brand jelly beans. Like the same brand name as jelly. I remembered them being the most amazing jelly beans I had ever tasted. And then I never saw them again. Every Easter I … Continue reading

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Bird and Shirts

I had to go to my bank yesterday. I saw a golden plover in the parking lot. I know what they are because they’re on the playground at my school in the morning, and my old principal told me. He … Continue reading

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Expectation vs Reality

Happy Birthday to my niece Tara! Woo hoo! Yesterday I was in south Kihei and saw a sign that said “Cinnamon Roll Place” – it was actually the name of the store. Heh. I am constantly disappointed by cinnamon rolls. … Continue reading

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Going for a Drive

Charles Lindbergh is buried on Maui, and it’s been on my list for a while to visit his grave. It’s past Hana, so it’s quite a drive. Yesterday I finally did it. The drive to Hana was different than previous … Continue reading

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