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Feed the Birds

in Baltimore, I used to keep a bird feeder full of seeds. I enjoyed watching the birds eat. They were so cheery. I’ve wanted to do a bird feeder in Maui, but since I only have a lanai, I’ve been … Continue reading

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A Good Fit

I have been keeping my laundry detergent and other supplies on the counter top in the bathroom. Since pulling out the sink and counter, I’ve had to keep the stuff on top of the machine. It works, but it’s kind … Continue reading

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Gus likes to always be in the same room as me, so when I work in the bathroom, he’s always close by. The other day, Lloyd sent me a picture of Ralph, so I sent a picture of Gus. We … Continue reading

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Cleaning and Straightening

I hit a snag with the sink installation. I had to add a new tile to the floor. Since I had to wait for the tile adhesive to set, I couldn’t work any more on the bathroom yesterday. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Painting Performed

It took me longer than I expected, but I’ve finished painting my bathroom. In my mind, I was going to get up early each day, and work all day long. In reality, I got up early, then stayed in bed, … Continue reading

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