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Aloha Friday

I remembered to wear an aloha shirt yesterday! I had observed Aloha Friday last school year, but didn’t do it over the summer, so two Fridays had come and gone without me being properly attired.

This time, I told my phone to remind me on Thursday night, and it did, so yesterday was a proper Aloha Friday.

It’s Aloha Friday…. no work til Monday…
Do do bee do, do do bee do bee do bee do bee do…

Colorful Carnations

Happy Hobbit Day! Today is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthdays, both of them. So it’s Hobbit Day. Yay!

For chapel on Wednesday, I used carnations in dye as an object lesson. Just like the red dye fills the stems of the flowers and makes the flowers colorful, so also God fills us up with love and makes our lives colorful with love for others.

Here are the flowers. It took about a day to get the flowers to turn pink.

Producing a Plan

I haven’t found my rhythm at school yet. I keep having times where I say: “Dang it! I’m not done with that thing!” And then I think: “Well, I could have done it two days ago”

I just have to figure out what I do on Mondays, and what I do on Tuesdays, etc.

In the meantime, I’ve got a LOT of sticky notes with lists, and things are stacked pretty deeply on my desk. I should get it figured out… in a little while…

Fully Functional

While I was at school yesterday, the pool company guy came to my house and finished installing my pool heater.

It’s ready to go! Yay! I didn’t have time or energy to try it out last night. Boo.

Tonight I have youth group at church. By Thursday, I don’t have much extra energy when I get home. I don’t think I’ll get to test this out until the weekend.

The interface is very simple – turn it on, and set the temperature you want:


Arr! Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It was a busy day yesterday. After school there was a Call Committee meeting. Then I was late for my exercise appointment on zoom. After that I watched a little tv, then went to bed. Other than that, not much to report for my day.

The sunrise was nice yesterday. Here’s a picture:

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