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An Apple a Day

I’ve been eating an apple with peanut butter for lunch lately. I slice and core the apple in the morning, then wrap it with Press’N’Seal. I keep the peanut butter at school, and scoop it with a spoon and dip … Continue reading

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Packing Blanket, Sleeping Blanket

This is another Gus-in-a-blanket post. Recently, I went looking for Gus pictures, and saw how many times I posted pictures of him in a blanket. Sorry for the repetition. It’s his signature look. Since I unpacked the sword to hang … Continue reading

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Slaying a Small Task

It’s hard to decide when to do what in the new condo. I have plans to do big things like paint the whole place or replace the bathroom vanity, but I also have plans to do lots of smaller things, … Continue reading

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Splattery Spigot

I have written about how Gus likes drinking from the tub. Since we moved to the new place, he still likes tub-licking. But the spigot at the new place drips water differently – the water splatters when it hits the … Continue reading

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Six Light

The student desks in my classroom don’t all have the same color top. It bothers me a little. I have six desks with lighter tops. On Monday mornings, the desks are all pushed to the side of the room where … Continue reading

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