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Two Weirdos

Preparations for my big move this summer have been taking most of my free time, so I don’t have much time to enjoy my garden these days. Yesterday I took a stroll through and noticed that two of my weirdest … Continue reading

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I regularly wipe off the student desks in my classroom. Mostly it’s about keeping the writing surfaces clean, but it also helps keep germs from spreading. I usually use Clorox disinfectant wipes – lemon flavor. I like how they smell. … Continue reading

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It’s been a crazy week. This is the last week of classes for eighth graders, but not the rest of the school. This coming week, the middle school goes on overnight field trips. The week after that, there is still … Continue reading

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A Cube

Moving to Hawaii is complicated. It’s far away, and it’s across water. I briefly considered taking nothing but the clothes on my back, but I do have a few household things that I would like to take along. There are … Continue reading

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Friends and Co-workers

A couple of my co-workers are retiring after this school year. Linda and Kathy have both been at the school for a while, so they are well-known and well-loved. Kathy’s husband worked with me at my former school, so I’ve … Continue reading

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