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Dentist Day

I went to the dentist yesterday. It had been a long time since my last visit.

The cleaning was really uncomfortable, and I was really disappointed that I didn’t get any positive reinforcement for the fact that I’ve been flossing daily for more than a year. But I am glad to be back into the swing of things. I have good dental habits, but not good teeth, so I need to keep up with my dentist visits.

They were promoting floss made by a small independent company. The hygienist said it’s thicker than regular floss, so it cleans well. I decided to get some. It came in several intriguing flavors. I decided to try orange.

It is indeed thicker than regular floss. I didn’t taste or smell the orange very strongly. Maybe that was because I had just eaten some jellybeans. And it wasn’t as thick as my Tom’s of Maine floss. I’ll keep this in my medicine cabinet, but I think I’ll stick with Tom’s for now.

Something New

A long time ago I used to post about toothpaste a lot. So much so, that I have a whole category called “toothpaste”. But it’s been a long, long time since I tried any new kind.

I can only stand using toothpaste that is not sweetened with sodium saccharine, but they are extremely hard to find. My go-to toothpaste for the last few years has been Tom’s. I like the “sweet mint gel” formula.

But then the other day, I saw something on clearance at Target – an untried formulation of toothpaste that meets my requirements. Colgate Zero.

The only sweetener in this toothpaste is sorbitol. Awesome! Sugar-alcohol sweeteners don’t have the weird bitter-metallic taste that all other sugar substitutes have.

This toothpaste is sweet and spearmint-y. I like it. I don’t think I will find it in Target again, because it was on clearance, and there was only one tube. But maybe I could order it online… or I could just go back to Tom’s when this is gone.

New Tube

Happy Birthday to Beth! Yay!

I got a new tube of toothpaste recently. It’s always hard to wait for the old one to run out so I can use the new one. I don’t want to be wasteful. But I also want to break into that sweet, sweet tube of new toothpaste…

Yesterday I finally ran out…. Yay!

I actually have a “toothpaste” category! My last toothpaste post was nearly four years ago! Wow! I should write about toothpaste more often.

Sweet Mint Delivery

Whenever I go to stores that have a toothpaste section, I’ve been in the habit of looking for my favorite kind of toothpaste: Tom’s of Maine brand, sweet mint flavor, gel formulation. It does have fluoride, doesn’t have sodium saccharin in it, and tastes great. Tom’s of Maine toothpaste isn’t hard to find, but Sweet Mint gel is. I look in grocery stores, I look in department stores, I look in pharmacies… no one seems to have that flavor.

And then it occurred to me that I could have my toothpaste sent to me.



I have six tubes of it now. I’m finishing my current tube of Spearmint Gel Tom’s, then I’ll maybe try a toothpaste I got in Nebraska over Christmas, then I’ll get to these. Six tubes of Sweet Mint gel! I’ll have toothpaste for months and months!


I’ve been searching for my current favorite toothpaste since I came to Nebraska. I ran out before my trip here, so I’ve been using a less favorite berry-flavored variety. I’m not fond of the berry, so I’ve been looking for my Tom’s of Maine Sweet Mint Gel, but since I can’t find it, I’ve wondered if there was some sort of substitute I could use.

Avoiding sodium saccharine is hard. Nearly every toothpaste contains it. But I did find another Tom’s of Maine product I haven’t tried yet: a kid’s version of their mint toothpaste. I got some.



It’s nice because the mint flavor is not overwhelming. It’s not as sweet as the Sweet Mint Gel variety though, so this is not a replacement, it’s only a stopgap substitute. I will keep searching for the Sweet Mint Gel…

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