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There was a volleyball game after school yesterday. There isn’t much room around the outside edge of the court, so the spectators all sat on the stage.

We won one of three games. Our team is almost all fifth and sixth graders. Both teams were young and inexperienced, so the spectators were supportive. It was fun.

Wall Walking

As I was sitting on my couch, I saw something move past the window outside. I got up and saw this:

Awww… it’s a neighborhood cat! I made “kitty kitty” noises out the window and it stopped. I did a few slow blinks and it sat down. I didn’t try to go outside to pet it. Maybe I’ll be out there sometime and see it.

Many Mantises

A little while ago, I wrote about how I’ve seen a bunch of honeybees at school. Lately there have also been a lot of preying mantises.

They are often on the walls, maybe to catch bugs that are attracted to the outside lights. Sometimes they’re on the floors though, and then they’re often dead. Maybe the same thing that’s killing the bees is killing them? Or maybe people are just stepping on them.

Baptizing Brothers

We had a baptism at school – actually two! It was a couple of brothers. Yesterday was our pastor’s last chapel before he moves to Nebraska, and the family wanted him to do the baptism.

It was fun. The pastor really involved the kids. Each of the brothers’ class came forward when it was his turn to be baptized. There was lots of explanation and engagement. Great chapel! Great baptisms!

A Wetter Pool

File this under “Things I didn’t know before I had a pool”:

You have to add water to the pool every once in a while. I mean, totally it makes sense, but I just never thought about it I guess. I have a guy come to test and clean my pool regularly, and yesterday he left a note on my door that I should add water.

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