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Excited! Disappointed. Confused?

I got a catalog in the mail yesterday. I was excited, because it looked like one of the kinds that my mom gets… you know.. the ones that have household gadgets and sparkly things and funny shirts. I was so … Continue reading

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Loads of Laundry

I don’t like doing laundry. I think it’s my least favorite chore. It’s the folding. I hate folding. Hate. I had let my laundry pile up pretty high this time, but yesterday I did ALL of it. I washed AND … Continue reading

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A Sign of the Times

We had parent/teacher conferences on Thursday and yesterday. We did masked and socially-distance visits. It was a little weird. It’s hard to read facial cues that way. Still, I think everything went well.

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Bent Fence

As we were waiting outside the classroom for our students to get picked up after school yesterday, Chloe pointed out that the fence railing had been bent: We speculated about what might have caused such a thing. It looks intentional. … Continue reading

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Almost Half

I got together with my coworker Peter yesterday morning to hike the Lahaina Pali trail. I was excited, because we parked a car on one side, then drove to the other side, and we were going to hike the entire … Continue reading

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