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Errand Saturday

I was going to go hiking, but I woke up with some sniffles and a sore throat. As it turns out, I think it’s just an allergic reaction. Maybe to pollen? Or vog? I always used to ask Melody if it was a bad allergy day. I’ll have to find someone to ask.

I decided to run some errands since I had the time.

I got a haircut. I’m going to Supercuts. It’s right by Target on the southern edge of Kahului. It’s really easy to get to from my apartment. I had the same hair cutter last week, and she recognized me. We had a really nice chat but as I was paying, she said she was getting transferred to a different Supercuts. Dang. Well, it’ll give me a chance to get to know someone new.

Its a zero blade on the sides, and one and a half on top.

Its a zero blade on the sides, and one and a half on top.

I had some things to return to Target, so I stopped there. I have wanted a clock by my bed so I can just turn over and see what time it is, instead of waking up my phone and being blinded by its brightness. I also wanted to get one with a radio, because I like listening to some news while I get ready in the morning. It was hard to find a clock radio though. Do people not use them anymore?

Lots of USB outlets, but no radios.

Lots of USB outlets, but no radios.

After some more wandering around, I found clock radios in the electronics section. The other clocks were in the bathroom section.

A couple more stops and Walmart, TJ Maxx, and school, and I was ready to head home for a Saturday nap. Mmm… Saturday nap…

Clipper Chapel

Yesterday I did the chapel message at school. I talked a little bit about the theme for tomorrow. It’s the last Sunday of the church year. I said that time passes fast and things change, but God doesn’t change and his promises always come true. And in the middle of all the change, he remains King.

As an illustration of things changing and time passing, I talked about my hair. I usually cut it every week or ten days, but this time, it had been over two weeks! All that time passed, and I didn’t cut it, and it continued to grow. I asked the kids if they could tell how freakishly long it was. They said they couldn’t, so I showed them. I ran my electric clippers around my right ear and cut my hair its regular length. The kids laughed.

Kind of nineties-looking.

Kind of nineties-looking.

I left it that way all day. I did finally get it cut last night though. It feels so good. When my hair is long like it was, it’s so hot and itchy.

Number One

I haven’t posted about my haircuts in a long time. They’ve been sort of regular and sort of unremarkable. I always get a clipper cut: #1 on the sides and back, #3 on the top, no corners (I don’t want a flat top).

Yesterday as I got my hair cut, I decided to try something new. I decided to try #1 all over. Shoot, I’d be able to cut my own hair if that worked out. So here it is-

Kind of shaggy...


AAAHHHH! I don’t like it! With longer hair on top, I’ve been able to pretend it’s a little thicker. But now I don’t have any hair on the top of my head at all! AAHHH!

I think I won’t be leaving the house for a few days.


Over Labor Day weekend I got a little bored, so I ordered some stuff over the internet. One of my purchases was new glasses. Every once in a while I’ve tried on round glasses frames to see what they look like. I’ve always looked kind of like a bug when I tried them on. But since I’m getting older and my face skin is sinking in, I thought it might be time to try again.

The smallest round glasses I could find on the internet were from Zenni Optical, the place I had previously gotten glasses from. I figured that the smaller the diameter of the frame was, the less bug-like I would look.

I’m still not sure I like them, but they were only $20. I’ll wear them around the house a little to see if I get used to them.

I would like them better if my eyebrows were above the frames.  I raised one eyebrow so you could see what I was talking about.

Oh, and I got a haircut.

Not Maryland

I had many experiences yesterday that reminded me I’m not in Maryland. First thing in the morning I was attacked by a fuzzy skeleton named Pfennig. I was trying to sleep just a little longer, but she kept getting right up in my face and meowing and then putting her butt on me. It was very effective. I got up and gave her some food.

She was blurry because I didn't have my contacts in yet.

The next odd incident was a trip to the dump. Sanitation is completely privately run here in Nebraska… even the landfill. My trip to the Milford Landfill was different than any trip to the dump I’ve ever made in Maryland. The workers didn’t scold me for some imaginary rule I had broken. In fact, they were very friendly and helpful. I honestly didn’t know how to react to them. I just kept saying “Thank you” a lot.

Goodbye, old landscape timbers.

And I got a haircut. I went to Doreen. She is unlike anything we have in Maryland. Thanks for the great haircut, Doreen!

Something's weird about the lighting in this picture, but it's the only one I took.

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