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Cabinet Construction

My master bathroom is small, but it needs storage. After extensive searching on the internet, I found a cabinet that is thinner than regular. Normal cabinets are 15 inches from back to front. This one is 12 inches.

When it came in the mail, it was in a LOT of pieces:

It took a long time to assemble it, but it turned out nice:

And here’s where it goes:

It takes up some space in the small bathroom, and looks a little awkward maybe, but it provides storage! And a flat surface to put things on! I think I’m going to like it.

New Box, Old Light

There was an electrician at my house yesterday. Hooray! It has taken me so long to get it arranged. It was back at the beginning of December that I got notice from the electric company about where to put my new breaker box. Then Christmas happened. Things have finally settled down enough for me to get back to house stuff.

The electrician is going to do several things for me, but the biggest thing on the list is the breaker box. He put the new box on the wall, but won’t connect it until next week.

One of the smaller things on the list was my pool light. He fixed it! It’s so beautiful!

Hanging Hardware

I got bathroom hardware for my master bath yesterday. It was a little hard to find what I wanted. It needed to be brushed nickel. I wanted a toilet paper holder that pivoted open, and the towel hook needed to be a simple design. But I did find what I was looking for. Yay!

Hanging the stuff was easy with the paper templates they provided. Deciding their locations was a little tricky though. The bathroom is very small. The best place for the toilet paper holder was under the sink. Is it weird? Maybe a little, but it really is the right place for it.

Three Trip Task

Yesterday I put the faucet and drain in my bathroom sink! Woo hoo! There were some challenges along the way.

Mis-matching sizes for the water supply lines:

A big distance to span from the drain to the wall:

When I got to the last part of the drain, I needed a ninety degree bend.

A second trip to Home Depot, and then a trip to Lowe’s, and I found what I needed.

Success! I have a faucet and drain in my master bath! Yay!

The faucet is maybe a little big for the sink, but I really wanted two different handles for the hot and cold, rather than the single slidey handle.

The last thing I need in this bathroom is storage cabinets of some kind, and the room will be done!

Before and After

It was a nice Thanksgiving Day yesterday. I made a basic Thanksgiving meal – turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and cranberry relish. I like to make a lot of food each year because I can make frozen dinners with the leftovers. Mmmm…

While I was waiting for the turkey to cook, I replaced the medicine cabinet in my hallway bathroom. The old cabinet had lost its ability to stay closed, so I wanted to replace it. I haven’t replaced a medicine cabinet before, but it was surprisingly easy. Take the screws out of the old one, remove it, put the new one in, put new screws in. Behold:

And since I’m doing “before” and “after” shots, here is my turkey:

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