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Ditch Dug

My final pool improvement has started…. I’m getting a heater!

I know it sounds a little weird to be getting a pool heater in Southern California, but my pool is consistently cold. Maybe it was built on top of a pet cemetery or something…

Anyway, the new heater requires a new gas line. They started on the line yesterday. It just looks like a trench to me. There is supposed to be some more work today.

Should I have waited to post about this until I had more information? Maybe, but yesterday was my first day of school, and in all the excitement, I forgot to take any pictures. School went well though. I’m looking forward to more (and normal) classroom time today. I want to establish my new routine. I like routines.

Paint Pictures

The living room is painted! I got things back in order, and the new paint is dry. Here are the “before” and “after” pictures:

So this seems to happen to me a lot. I choose a color I really like. I put samples on the wall. I live with it for a while. Then I paint the whole room. And the paint looks different. This paint is more blue than I was expecting. It even looks a little on the purple side. Ugh.

I do at least like that it’s lighter in the room now. But I think I might be re-painting. If I do, it’s going to be a while. I have school stuff to do now.

A Slow Start

I have big plans for the next couple of weeks. They are supposed to be my not-school-or-church-projects days. I made a list. It is a little intimidating, but it’s also kind of exciting. I have been waiting to do some of these things for months.

Yesterday I thought I would paint, which will be a huge job. Instead, I used the power of positive procrastination to do a few smaller things on the list.

I unpacked my suitcase finally. Bruno helped me:

I moved the hand towel rack in the hallway bathroom. Bruno helped me:

I put door handles in the sliding door to the master bathroom. Bruno didn’t help me. He was scared of the jigsaw.

A Something Saturday

Yesterday I went to the farmers market in Torrance.

There is a plant lady there who had many beautiful plants. I had to take a picture of the cactus she was selling. I love cactus flowers, but haven’t ever really gotten into growing them.

I did get a bunch of fruit. Yum! The nectarines I got are so flavorful!

I ran a few other errands, including getting some pull-chains for my fan so I could install my imported, hand-made-in-Anglesly-Wales, pull chain knobs. The BEFORE and AFTER:

Two More Things

I actually hung the toilet paper holder and the towel rack! I can hardly believe it! It was pretty late when I started and when I ended, but still… it’s done!

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