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Morning Progress

Well, I’m afraid to say that the project of patching the wall at school has been progressing like many of my projects do: I get a LOT done at the beginning, but then slow down as I go along. It’s … Continue reading

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Well Begun

Yesterday after school was the allotted time for my students to help me fix the hole in the wall they accidentally made. I cut a rectangle around the hole, and they helped get all the pieces out. The parts under … Continue reading

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On Friday I was having Life Skills class with the 8th graders in a different part of the building. We were doing a circle game and needed an open space for it. A couple of the kids who had gotten … Continue reading

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Faucet and Flowers

The last two weekends, I felt really sick, so all I did was sit on the couch. Yesterday I did not feel sick. I was so happy! The first thing I did was fix the bathroom faucet. It’s been leaking … Continue reading

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Repairing the Porch, Day Seventeen

Yesterday was perhaps the last warm Saturday until spring. We will probably have more warm days, and I’m pretty sure we’ll have Saturdays, but to have both at the same time is becoming less likely. It was in the sixties … Continue reading

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