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Max and Ned and Gus

Plants and Birds and Gus

Since the contractor isn’t coming to work on my lanai until Monday, I decided to take my plants outside again. Since the plants were back outside, I also put some birdseed out there. Since the birdseed was out there, the … Continue reading

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Useful Junk

My condo is a total mess right now. I’m blaming it on my bathroom project. Whenever I needed space to work or to put supplies down, I scooped things off of horizontal surfaces and dumped them anywhere. Some of that … Continue reading

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Gus likes to always be in the same room as me, so when I work in the bathroom, he’s always close by. The other day, Lloyd sent me a picture of Ralph, so I sent a picture of Gus. We … Continue reading

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Cat Day

I was going to work on my bathroom yesterday, but didn’t get to it. In the morning, I went to the doctor for a follow-up visit after my cough in Nebraska. The official diagnosis from the urgent care doctor was … Continue reading

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My flight yesterday went well. There was only a little turbulence on takeoff. The main part of the flight was turbulence-free. I watched two and a half movies and ate a lot of junk food. The landing was bumpy, but … Continue reading

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