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Max and Ned and Gus

Diatomaceous Deterrent

There are fleas in my house. I have seen them on Bruno and on me. They obviously can’t be living on Bruno, so they must be in the rugs. I was thinking about sprays or something, but then remembered about diatomaceous earth. It’s powder that’s made of tiny, tiny seashells. They are way too small to be any problem for people or animals, but to tiny bugs like fleas, it’s like crawling through broken glass. It cuts them, and they dehydrate and die.

It was easy to find at Home Depot.

I don’t think it’s “food grade”, which is what the websites say to use, but I was careful not to inhale it while I was sprinkling, and I kept Bruno away too. I’ll leave it in place for a while and see if I spot any more fleas.

Cat Crinkles

Happy Birthday to Beth! Woo hoo! It’s a perfect square birthday! I love it!

I got Bruno a new toy yesterday. He seems to really like long toys that are crinkly. I have posted before about a carrot he had. He tore that up, so he needed something new.

The store didn’t have a carrot, but it did have a burrito:

He likes to jump on it and throw it in the air:

But he also really likes taking it in his mouth and carrying it across the room. His posture is so funny when he does that… He looks very proud, with his head held high and his ears back.

I always praise him for his hunting skills and tell him he’s a good boy. I want him to be a good mouser.

Not Very Helpful Help

I finally started painting my living room! Yay! I think that now that I’ve started, finishing should be easy! Hahahah! I crack myself up sometimes!

Anyway, I’m not even half done, but I did get a lot of cutting-in done. When I first started, Bruno was very curious about it.

I scolded him a lot, and even got out the spray bottle. Once he knew I meant business, he stayed away from the paint. He watched for a while.

Then he got bored and went to sleep in his hammock.

Aquatic Attraction

Bruno has been fascinated with the tub when there is water in it. When I turn the water on for my shower (and before I pull the diverter to make the shower start), Bruno actually jumps into the tub and walks around in the water. It made me wonder what he would do if the tub was filled with water.

Bruno likes being in water! He stayed in for a long time. His biggest issue was that he kept looking down, and his nose would go in the water, and he’d sort of “sneeze” the water out of his nose.

I may try putting a little more water in. On the internet, I’ve seen cats up to their chins in the tub water, and kind of swim-walking around. Could be fun!

A Cat Day

For my first day back home, I didn’t do very much. I was taking it easy on my foot, and taking it easy on my jet lagged self.

I sat a lot with Bruno. Well, actually, he sat with me. I was on the couch and he hardly left me alone all day. I even went into the bedroom and shut the door at one point so I could get a break from him. I love how needy he is 🙂

But mostly my time with him was great. His stripes haven’t disappeared. I think he might keep some of them into adulthood:

And check out his tail. The end of hit has fur on it. Cool!

He mostly wants to always sit on my chest.

When I can’t take that any more, I have him sit on the couch and he lays his head on my leg. That’s plenty comfortable for him, and he sleeps well:

Until I take a picture of him and he has to sit up to see what I’m doing:

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