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Max and Ned and Gus

Feline Photos

I got more cat pictures from the breeder! Woo hoo! As expected, he’s lost a little of his striping, but he has developed some face patterns. And green eyes. He’s so cute 🙂

Brown Tabby

Two months ago, I got on the list for a new sphynx cat. The breeder contacted me on Monday to say I was next in line! Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, I can’t visit the kitten in person because the breeder is not doing home visits. She did send me a bunch of photos though. Here they are:

She says his eyes will eventually be green or gold. She calls him a brown tabby. My google searches for tabby sphynx cats show that they don’t really have stripes in adulthood. This cat will be mostly a greyish/brownish color, with a lighter face and belly.

I asked her about his personality. She said: “He is the most loving, social, playful kitten in his litter. Loves to be held and kissed.”

That sold me. I’m getting this cat! Yay! She said I could pick him up at the end of May.

On the List

I made a deposit, and I’m on the list for a new sphynx cat! Yay!

I contacted several nearby catteries, and the one that seems to match my schedule best is Dare2B-Bare! Sphynx in San Diego. I want to bring my new cat home in August. That will be after my summer travels, and before school starts.

For now, I’m on the list at spot number 5. If my turn comes too early, I can decline, and I’ll move up to number 1 (unless someone who is current 1 through 4 declines, then they’ll be ahead of me.

The owner of the cattery sent me a bunch of pictures of past kittens. They are all adorable. She has a bunch of different colors, so I don’t know what will be available. I guess we’ll see in August…

So Much Singing

Merry Christmas! Woo hoo!

I went to church a lot yesterday.

At 2pm, I went to church as a congregation member. Harold and Beth and family were there. So was Lloyd and Lauren. Brent’s family was there too, except for Sandra, who had a crippling headache. I loved the flower arrangements. I took a picture of them.

After that service, I hung out with my mom. We ate a little and dozed a little. My mom is cat-sitting, and the cat is staying at her house. His name is Louie. He’s very friendly.

Next was the 6pm service. Mom and I sang in the choir. From the balcony. It was fun. I love singing.

After the 6pm service, it was back to Mom’s house for some snacking and some Louie time.

The 8pm service had fewer singers, so I sang loud. It was fun. It finished quickly because communion was shorter. Then it was off to Lloyd and Lauren’s for couch time and bed time. A wonderful day!

Sad Day

Yesterday was a sad day. Gus died. Late on Friday night (early Saturday morning), Gus was meowing loudly at my bedroom door. His back legs weren’t working.

I took him to the emergency vet, who told me Gus had a blood clot blocking blood flow to his legs. Treatment would have been painful and would not restore his leg function. Having him put to sleep was the kindest option.

It just all happened so fast. He was just his normal self on Friday, then he was gone. Sad.

I’m doing ok, but I miss him. He was the lovingest cat ever.

Gus’ Superman picture was the last picture I ever took of him, but here is the last candid I have of him. It was just a few days ago:

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