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Making History

I got the sink working yesterday! Yay!

Finding the right parts for the water supply lines was a bit of a challenge. Getting the drains in was too. The right side drain didn’t quite work in the hole provided for it. The top part and bottom part were too far apart and couldn’t be screwed together. Bending one of them slightly did the trick.

So here’s the running sink!
Water... Cool, refreshing, slightly plastic-tasting water

The drain pipes were another challenge. I still don’t think I have them connected right. Either I screwed too tight, or not tight enough, or I needed to use something besides teflon tape in the joints, because there is still a little bit of water that shows in the joints when I test the drain to the max. I’ll be doing some reading today to see if I did something wrong.

I think the drain pipes look like something from Dr. Seuss.
The pipes are types of drains. They leak, I speak, \"A pain!\"

So now on to the title of this post:
Before the drains were installed in the sink, I had to test the one that was bent. I wanted to make sure it could still hold water when the plug was pushed in. It did hold water. Cool, clean water. I was thirsty, so I took a sip. Then I wondered: had anyone in the history of the world taken a sip out of a drain before it was installed? I think maybe not. I think I may have been the first person ever to do that. Especially if you’re talking about an IKEA “Atlant” drain. So I insisted on taking a picture. I need to record this “first” for history’s sake!

Mark this day, and tell your grandchildren that you remember when it happened.

Incidentally, I may also be the first person ever to open a walnut with a cordless electric screwdriver. I did it in the late eighties when cordless electric screwdriver technology was new. Alas, I don’t have any proof. I didn’t take a picture, and I traded the walnut shell with a friend in college.


  1. Lauren

    I wish I had enough brain cells to do some sort of Dr. Suess-y thing about your drains.

    Do you like drains down to the ground?
    Watch the water round and round….

    See, I got nothin’.

  2. Michele

    Lauren – I’m more concerned about the drinkin’-out-of-the-drain thing! Brad already has some crazy skin disease from his fish tank. He eats leftover food items from the middle school hallway. Do you not see a pattern here? Now he drinks from a freshly unwrapped IKEA drain. Did he sterilize it first? Did he check for any packaging residue? Next thing we know, Brad will be sporting some new-fangled Swedish disease because he took a little drink from an unsanitarized drain from IKEA!

  3. Lloyd

    Those Swedish diseases are all the rage amoungst the hip teens of today. Which means they are probably hopelessly out dated now on the coasts. Way to go Brad.

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