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The Garden in December

I hardly ever get home while it’s still light out these days, but yesterday was an exception. After school yesterday, all I was doing was falling asleep at my desk. I figured I should just go home. Since it was still light, I took a stroll around the garden. Mostly it looks like a wasteland, but there are some things that can still catch your eye.

THE WASTELAND. The banana trees will totally collapse when the first hard frost hits. That might be tonight.
Poor, raggedy bananas.

BEAUTYBERRIES. This bush looks like nothing until September, when these purple berries come out. They continue to look cheery until the end of January or so.
So pretty...not very tasty though. Not that I have tried eating them...I have just heard that from other people.

‘BALLERINA’ ROSES. These are really tough shrub roses. They are almost white when it’s hot out. The cool weather really brings out their color.
A girlie name for tough roses.


  1. Lauren

    Good lighting – they look like calendar pictures.

  2. Lloyd

    Except for that first picture. Unless it’s a Katrina Kalendar.

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