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Mulching: Done. (Almost)

There are a few things I want to get done before I leave for Nebraska on Monday.

1) Pay the bills.
2) Get my hair cut.
3) Pack.
4) Mulch.

It won’t take long to pay the bills. I should probably do that tomorrow though. Getting my hair cut will happen tomorrow too. I probably won’t pack until Monday morning. Packing under pressure is always the best way to go. If I’m so frazzled I forget something, that means I get to buy a new one! Yay!

That just leaves the mulching. I actually have been working on it for a few days this week. I have to send out some props to Denis, who carted many wheelbarrow loads to the back yard. And after a little more work yesterday, the back yard is finished. The “before” and “after” pictures are below. Putting down mulch is like laying new carpeting or making the bed. It makes the whole garden look better.

After I dress up the front yard plantings, the mulching will be done. Then I should mow the lawn.

Messy, messy.

Almost the same time of day, but one day later. Can you find all the differences?


  1. Lauren

    What’s that twisty-trunk thing? It looks cool.

    It all looks so inviting! If I were a rabbit, I couldn’t stay away.

    • Karla

      My guess is that it’s a braided fig tree.

  2. Peggy

    Hey, what’s up with the faulty gardening advice? I went upstairs, made my bed perfectly, looked out the window … & … my garden doesn’t look any better … 🙁

  3. Carol

    Wow – that really DOES look much better! The stone pathway stands out so much more now. You can depart for the west of the Midwest in two days reassured you have let all your flora know you still love them.

    Now, just so you know (at least if our yard is any indication of The Norm), bunnies seem to like to next in mulch. The family that lives under our shed also apparently snoozes on occasion in the mulched beds (the few we do have, that is) and leaves tiny bunny body impressions behind – plus, apparently, an interesting bouquet to drive the dog to distraction. (“I’m smellin’ it, but I ain’t a-seein’ it!:) They probably leave other things behind as well, but I ain’t a-diggin’ now to find out what and where they did it. Anywho, you may have actually made your gardens MORE attractive to the local lagamorphs, Brad. Think on THAT a while, eh? (he he he)

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