Peggle Grand Master

My “Game of the Summer” this year has been a PC game called Peggle. You can play a free version of it HERE. I paid for the expanded version that has lots of levels and more special powers. It was not wasted money. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

It didn’t take too long to be granted the title of Peggle Master. Next I faced the challenges involved to earn the rank of Peggle Grand Master. I methodically conquered each of the challenges. Some took longer than others. But then I reached a most difficult task: score 750,000 on a single level. I’ve been trying to accomplish it for about a month. Tuesday I finally got it. In fact, I got 810,650. Ironically enough, it was with the help of a rabbit.

Knowing that the last challenge would be easy and that yesterday I would become a Grand Master, I got a haircut. I wanted to look good for my Peggle Grand Master portrait.

Refield the Pumpkin is my favorite, but I couldn't have done it without Warren the Rabbit.

You may call me Grand Master.

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10 Responses to Peggle Grand Master

  1. Lauren says:

    I bow to you, oh Grand Master!! Hazahh, Hazaah!

    I’m glad that the hours and hours and hours of practice have finally paid off. (I’ve seen him when the title of Grand Master was just beyond his reach, people, and it wasn’t pretty.)

  2. Lloyd says:

    I saw Peggle for sale in a store. I think it was Shopco (Lauren can’t believe I don’t know how to spell that).

  3. Brad says:

    Something is wrong with the comments. Sorry to everyone who has tried. I may be a Peggle Grand Master, but it is beyond my power to remedy this.

  4. Brad says:

    Beth sent me her comment by email:
    You completed SEVENTY-FIVE challenges?? Holy crap.
    I think next year your game of the summer should be “Put Siding on Beth’s House”. It will be full of exciting challenges to master!

  5. Peggy says:

    Congratulations!! But I think your Grand Master portrait looks more like a day-dreaming student … oops, I used an “s” word. I’ll go wash my mouth out with soap.

    (I think you should have gone with a pose more something like this:)

  6. kiwe says:

    Nice pic. Grand Master…lookin’ good. That game is harder than it looks I gave up when I got to the beaver.

  7. kiwe says:

    did anyone see Dancing with the Stars tonight? I thought the rabbit dance was just for you Brad.

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