The Persistence of Orange

I saw the orange cat yesterday! I thought he was gone. He is definitely looking older, but he’s still around. I talked to my neighbor about it yesterday and he said there are several people feeding the orange cat, so he has no lack of nutrition. I spied Orange Cat through my kitchen window. He was napping on my back porch. I came back a couple hours later and he was in the same place. I think he’s feeling his age. But I haven’t seen any rats in my yard still, so he must be doing his job. Maybe once he dies I should find another stray and put it under my porch and all the neighbors can feed it and it can eat my rats. Hmmm…

The languid sleep of an old cat...

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4 Responses to The Persistence of Orange

  1. Lauren says:

    Awww… he looks very compact. I like him already. When you need that second stray, you know who to call. (I take that back. My kitties can’t be strays. It would break my heart.)

  2. Carol says:

    Don’t ya’ ever wonder what the cats who look in your windows think/say about you? (Prob’ly not…mine is one of the few minds probably wired to ask those sort of questions, I realize.) “One day he works like a fiend in his garden; the next day he puts his feet up in his living room and plays games on the big boxy thingy for hours – yet, I never see ingestion of rodents; how does he do it?!”

  3. Peggy says:

    Yay! Orange cat is not dead! (Wait. He isn’t still napping…in the same position, is he? I’m just saying….)

  4. Beth says:

    I love cats. Love.

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