Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ash Wednesday was yesterday. There was a church service in the evening. I stayed at school until the service started. I got a little organization done, but after a school day, I’m not good for much work.

The church service was nice. The pastor did something new. The imposition of ashes was at the beginning of the service. Towards the end was communion. As people came up to communion, they walked past the baptismal font. It had water in it and some napkins next to it. He invited people to wash their ashes off with baptismal water, symbolizing the washing of our sins. I thought it was a really cool idea.

I was going to copy what the pastor wrote about it in the bulletin, but I accidentally threw away the bulletin at school before I came home. 🙁

I was also going to post a picture of the font that I took before the service, but I accidentally deleted it. 🙁

So instead, here’s a picture that was still in my camera: it’s a malasada, which is a Portuguese donut-like thing that people eat on Fat Tuesday (and other days). A co-worker gave one to me on Tuesday. It was delicious.
Mmm...  Sugary...

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8 Responses to Washed

  1. Lauren says:

    Good grief, that thing is the size of a potato! If only all potatoes were actually donuts…..

    If you could please send me a few other pictures of your baptismal font, that would be great. During our National Lutheran Schools Week I went around to some other churches in town to take pictures of their fonts, and also showed the one from your website (when you were installed), but a few more would be cool. 😀

  2. Carol says:

    [Easy access to water would have been helpful for me last night, who noticed when she arrived home after church that she had some black schmutz on her cheek, tip of her nose…….no idea how…] That symbolism is pretty powerful – I like it too! (Now I sound like the old Irish Spring commercial lady.)

    Thought of you big time yesterday morning in our own chapel services, Brad. Still imposing ashes here, but no smell of burning cork this time…wonder where the ashes were from? (There was a rather large fire in the 1500 block of Providence Rd last Sunday…..hmmm…)

    • Michele says:

      Carol you are funny!

      I found myself thinking about Brad and our BLS middle school Ash Wednesday chapel a LOT yesterday. I miss marking the students with the burnt cork. I miss everything about how things used to be.

    • Brad says:

      We didn’t do ashes in chapel yesterday. I was a little disappointed. But maybe the little kids get too messy with ashes on their heads or something.

  3. Peggy says:

    Your Pastor’s idea is awesome! I just love it! And I just love hearing about some of the different things that you guys are doing over there. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

    Now for the malasada…..it looks like a giant donut hole. Is that what it tasted like?

    • Brad says:

      The malasada was kind of like a donut, but it had a different texture. It is fried dough, so it tasted like that. It’s a Portuguese invention. Maybe there’s a place in Baltimore that makes them. Or maybe Chris and Andreza know how.

      • Michele says:

        When I was an exchange student to Portugal back in 19… well it doesn’t matter when. Anyway, my exchange mom baked a LOT. I don’t remember this malasada thing, but on my birthday she made 7 cakes! The were small and VERY sweet. Good times.

  4. Brad says:

    And Happy Birthday to my nephew Daniel! Dang it, I was remembering all last night up until the moment I posted. Once again, your card is in my possession, but it’s not on its way yet.

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