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Goodbye, Girls

Though I’ve had many students who want to babysit my classroom rats Megan and Corrin during breaks, none of their parents would let them bring rats home. I decided I would find a permanent home for them and not have any classroom pets any more. Or maybe just go back to fish. Fish are easy.

I put an ad on Craigslist and got several responses. I declined the offer of the person whose email had the word “reptile” in it. I’m pretty sure they just wanted Megan and Corrin for food. I also declined the email with no capitalization or punctuation that looked like it was written by a 10-year-old girl. I was worried she might not have asked her mom.

The first person I responded positively to checked with her husband and said she couldn’t take them. The second person I responded positively to said they already had rats, but they were a little nippy with their daughter. I told him Megan and Corrin were sweeties, and he was sold.

I met him yesterday evening, and he and his wife were both there, and they had chameleons with them – one adult and one baby. They started talking about all the animals they had, and I knew Megan and Corrin were going to animal lovers. They will not be used as food or baby mills or resold. Some little girl is going to love them. Yay!

Goodbye, Megan and Corrin.  I will miss you.

Goodbye, Megan and Corrin. I will miss you.


  1. Carol

    Awwwwww…sniffle……love a happy ending.

    It is making me smile that you are exhibiting such fondness for pets, as I have a distinct memory of you many years earlier questioning (the sanity?) of those who went ga-ga (no Lady intended there) over their dog or cat. ‘Course, that was early Ned and pre-Max or Gus and way before your stint at FRAH – perhaps all that softened your heart for a special place to hold small mammals now?

  2. Lauren

    Hooray! I am so happy that they have a good home! Thank goodness for Craigslist and also for your early screening system. 🙂

    ‘Bye, rats. Have a happy life.

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