Bookend Beauty

Yesterday morning started with Boot Camp exercise group again. It was an arm workout, and was particularly hard. The sunrise was worth it though.

Blurry, but beautiful.

Blurry, but beautiful.

I went into Lincoln with Lloyd and Lauren. I didn’t have time on Thursday to make it to a garden center I usually visit. We went there yesterday. I was not disappointed. I found an unusual plant called pilea peperomioides there that I had just read about yesterday morning. I was very excited. I got it.

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

We went to a few other places in Lincoln, I fought a nap attack and lost, and then we went back to Seward. It was Rachel’s birthday yesterday, so we all joined her for Chinese food to celebrate. After the meal, we helped move some furniture back into place at Harold and Beth’s house. They got some of their carpeting installed yesterday. Tim’s bed was the most challenging. It took several people to hold it together while the screws were put in place. I took a picture to document the occasion, and Tim photobombed me.



We all headed to Sam and Rachel’s to sit around a fire and enjoy the evening. The sunset was as beautiful as the sunrise.

Many of the same colors as the morning.

Many of the same colors as the morning.

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5 Responses to Bookend Beauty

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! That picture of Tim is excellent! So, so funny! I’m glad we were there for the loft re-assembly or that would have been a sad time for the Pesters.

    It was a wonderful day! Amazing things were accomplished and it was fun. 🙂

  2. Lloyd says:

    Tim looks a little like Slimer in that picture. Also, I will need periodic updates on the plant.

  3. Bev Greunke says:

    (^-^) <3 Aunt Bev

  4. Carol says:

    Gus’ diary, Day 11:

    Were I an outdoor cat, I would have particularly enjoyed the views posted above. As it is, though, I enjoyed not needing to help reassemble someone’s sleeping chamber…but think I might like to visit a plant shop some day…you know, a little something edible perhaps?

    BTW, have you seen a Pilea grandis or “Moon valley”? They have bumpy leaves – a friend of yours who posts here occasionally (ahem) had one all through college and loved it. FYI.

    Back to napping…it’s what I do.

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