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It was another work day at school yesterday. I got my bulletin board done. I want to use the Getty’s “By Faith” in chapel this year and showed it to our pastor. He likes it and to go along with it, has decided that we are using Hebrews 12:1 and 2 for our Bible verse of the year. To make it easier for the little kids to remember, he pulled out three phrases: “Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us run the race, fixing our eyes on Jesus”

For my bulletin board, I used a technique I’ve used before: copying pictures from an old yearbook. In this case, its a yearbook from 2006/2007 – ten years ago. It’s my “cloud of witnesses” – students who have attended the school in the past. I’ll of course talk about the current student body being a cloud of witnesses too.

I traced the running man from a projection. It's magic marker dots.

I traced the running man from a projection. It’s magic marker dots.

The other boards I worked with yesterday were the white boards I got off of Craigslist. I pulled off my co-worker Kayla’s old chalk boards (which were painted sheets of metal), drilled new holes, and screwed in the white boards. It was made much easier by the fact that there was a ledge under the old black boards that held the white boards while I drilled and screwed.

So beautiful and so much brighter.  I forgot to take a 'before' picture.

So beautiful and so much brighter. I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.


  1. Lauren

    That running man!! That is … breathtaking!! Oh, my goodness, Brad, that is just inspired. Super, super cool.

    (The whiteboards are very nice, too, but they don’t make my heart race. 😉 )

  2. Deborah

    I showed Macy the bulletin board. Her response was a whispered, “That’s cool!”

    I agree.

  3. Elaine Royuk

    The bulletin board is “spot on”! Love it!

  4. Lloyd

    Nice job on the whiteboards.

  5. Bev Greunke

    Awesome Job!!! Love Your Bulletin Board!! 🙂

    • Bev Greunke

      / White Board!!

  6. Carol

    Your BB skills are unsurpassed – miss those. Good job, sir!

    You had to put up your own white boards?! I shall never complain about needing to screw on loosened chair backs of student desks again then.

    Great look – awesome classroom – go get ’em!

  7. Kristi

    Bulletin Board — AWESOME!!! The runner is COOL. Did you also cut around each face for that?

    • Brad

      I did. It was a little time intensive to do this board, but it will stay up all year. I won’t be changing it each quarter or each season of the year.

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