Baby Banana

I worked at school yesterday, and while I was grabbing some Geography papers I left on a shelf by my desk, I saw some bananas I had put there on Friday. I always take bananas out of my lunch bag as soon as I get to school, or else all the parts of my lunch taste like bananas. Banana-flavored pretzels are yucky.

Next to my regular grocery store banana were some bananas Andrea gave me. The popular variety to grow here on Maui are called “apple bananas”. They are normally small, but the ones Andrea gave me on Friday were even smaller than usual. In fact, they were super tiny. I ate one to celebrate the completion of some particularly time-consuming grading. It was delicious!

So tiny

So tiny

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  1. Lauren says:

    What is this? A banana for ants?? It needs to be … two…. three times as big!

    Seriously, that banana is adorable!

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