Gnumerous Gnats

I spent most of the day in my classroom grading yesterday. There were a whole bunch of black gnats flying around.

The other night, my apartment was filled with them too. A couple of days ago, I asked my students what they were, or if they were seasonal. They didn’t know. It surprises me how little people know about land-creatures and land-plants here. There is a tree that grows like a weed all over the place. No one seems to know much about it either.

Anyway, the internet has some information about the gnats. They come when it’s been rainy, and February and March are the months when they are the worst. I run my air conditioner at night, and that seems to keep the gnats under control at home. At school, I’ll just have to keep killing them.

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3 Responses to Gnumerous Gnats

  1. Deborah says:

    That gnat is huge! It’s as big as your E.

  2. Lauren says:

    Bleh. Gnats are the worst. I’m glad you slapped those guys down.

  3. Carol says:

    I wonder if these tiny creatures would fall for the apple-cider-vinegar-in-a-baby-food-jar trick Angie Sharp taught us when the fruit flies were taking over our classrooms one year? You place a few oz. of the aforenoted liquid in a clean empty baby food jar, place clear plastic wrap over the top and poke tiny holes in the plastic wrap so the undesirables can enter but find it more challenging to get out. If it works, you’ll soon have a floating gnat graveyard-in-a-jar. Not exactly marketable, at least not at this time of year, but should alleviate the current problem. Have you tried that yet?

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